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Remove and Disable Update 2464617 in PowerPoint 2002 (XP)

Learn how to remove and disable the 2464617 update that displays errors for any presentation or template that includes a background picture.


Product/Version: PowerPoint 2002
OS: Windows XP

February 21st 2011
February 21st 2011

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Suddenly last week, my installation of PowerPoint 2002 (XP) started acting weird -- some presentations and templates started showing blank white placeholders instead of showing up transparently over the background -- PowerPoint also seemed to behave as if these presentations were corrupt but these same presentations worked without any display problems in newer versions of PowerPoint such as PowerPoint 2007 and 2010. Figure 1 shows an example of one such seemingly corrupt presentation in Slide Sorter view.

PowerPoint showing open presentation with defective slides
Figure 1: PowerPoint showing open presentation with defective slides

We later discovered that this was caused by an overzealous new PowerPoint update -- someone at Microsoft forgot to test this update with presentations or templates that had picture backgrounds inserted. Until Microsoft releases an update to resolve this update (they are aware of this bug), you have to remove the 2464617 update for PowerPoint 2002, and see if the problem gets solved. Thereafter disable this update so that it does not get automatically updated again!

To uninstall the recent update and to disable it, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Start button and choose Control Panel from the Start menu. From the Control Panel, select the Add or Remove Programs option. This will open Add or Remove Programs window in which you have to check the option that says: Show updates. The list of programs may refresh after this -- then scroll down to locate Security Update for PowerPoint 2002 (KB2464617): POWERPNT (see Figure 2). Select this particular update, and click on the Remove button that has been highlighted in red in Figure 2.

    Add or Remove Programs window

    Figure 2: Add or Remove Programs window

  2. Now you will see a confirmation window (see Figure 3) asking whether you are sure about removing that update. Click Yes.

    Confirmation window to remove update
    Figure 3: Confirmation window to remove update

  3. This will open another window to indicate the progress of removal process that you can see in Figure 4. While the uninstall is proceeding, you might be asked to insert your Office XP CD or DVD -- this may not happen all the time but just in case, it is a good idea to keep it around. Once the update is removed, the window will close. You may also be asked to reboot (or not) -- either way, it is a good idea to reboot.

    Update being removed
    Figure 4: Update being removed

  4. Now launch PowerPoint and open any presentation. You will see that everything is back to normal. If you want to prevent this particular update from being installed next time, click the Start button and select All Programs. From the resultant menu select Windows Update that you can see in Figure 5.

    Windows Update
    Figure 5: Windows Update

  5. This will take you to the Microsoft Update web page. In that page click the Custom button that is shown highlighted in red in Figure 6.

    Microsoft Update web page
    Figure 6: Microsoft Update web page

  6. This will show you the list of pending Microsoft updates for your computer. Locate the 2464617 update (shown as KB2464617 in Figure 7 below). You will see a check box and a plus sign in front of it. Uncheck the box with green check mark and click on the plus sign (you can see both of those boxes highlighted in red in Figure 7).

    High-priority updates
    Figure 7: High-priority updates

  7. This will give you more information about that particular update and also an option stating "Don't show this update again". Just check that option as shown in Figure 8 to prevent that update from being installed in the future.

    Don't show this update again option checked
    Figure 8: Don't show this update again option selected


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