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Change Text Case PowerPoint 2010 for Windows

Learn how to change text case to lowercase, uppercase, etc. in PowerPoint 2010 for Windows. These changes can also be achieved with a keyboard shortcut.


Product/Version: PowerPoint 2010 for Windows

OS: Microsoft Windows XP and higher

It happens often that your boss, colleague, or friend sends you some content for your presentation. Rather than typing all that content, you may just copy it from their email and paste it within PowerPoint. The problem with this approach may stem from the fact that whoever sent you the content is one of those people who type everything in small case, or maybe they just turn on the Caps Lock button and forget turning it off! Whatever the reason may be, you will end up with text that is certainly not useable on your slide. Rather than retyping the whole text again, you can use PowerPoint 2010's Change Case option to quickly change the case of selected text on your slide:

  1. Open any presentation and select the text you want to change the case for. In Figure 1 below, we have selected some text that seems to be suffering from a serious CAPS malady.
  2. Improper text selected
    Figure 1: Improper text selected
  3. Now, access the Home tab of the Ribbon and locate the Font group. Within this group, click the Change Case button, highlighted in red within Figure 2.
  4. Change Case button within the Font group
    Figure 2: Change Case button within the Font group
  5. This brings up the Change Case drop-down gallery, as shown in Figure 3.
  6. Change Case drop-down gallery
    Figure 3: Change Case drop-down gallery
  7. Within the Change Case drop-down gallery there are five options, which are explained below:
  8. Sentence case

  9. Capitalizes the first letter of the first word in the sentence, or bullet point.
  10. lowercase

  11. Converts all characters to lowercase that are not already so. It does not do anything to numbers or symbols.

  13. Converts all characters to uppercase that are not already so. Does not do anything to numbers or symbols.
  14. Capitalize Each Word

  15. Also known as Title Case, this will capitalize the first letter of each word.
  16. tOGGLE cASE

  17. Reverses the case of each letter of the selected text to the opposite of the current case. This is useful if the Caps Lock key was inadvertently left on while typing!
  18. To change the text case, make sure the text is selected. Choose any text case type from within the Change Case drop-down gallery. As you hover your cursor over any of the case options you'll see a Live Preview of text case changing on the active slide. Figure 4, below shows Sentence case option being selected. Notice the live preview of the selected text within the Slide Area. Compare Figures 4 and 1. Click on the case option (as opposed to hovering over it) within the drop-down gallery to apply it to the selected text.
  19. Sentence case. option being selected
    Figure 4: Sentence case. option being selected
  20. PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts

    PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts

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  21. Figure 5, below shows immediate results of applying the five options of Text Case drop-down gallery to the selected text.
  22. Text applied with various Text Case options
    Figure 5: Text applied with various Text Case options
  23. Save your presentation often.

In addition to the five case options explained in this tutorial, PowerPoint 2010 offers two more options: Small Caps and All Caps. These options can be found in the Font dialog box. To access this dialog box, click the dialog launcher within the Font group, highlighted in blue within Figure 2, above. This opens the Font dialog box, as shown in Figure 6. Within the Font tab of Font dialog box you'll find two text case check-boxes: Small Caps and All Caps (highlighted in red within Figure 6, below) included within the Effects section. Choose as required and click the OK button within the Font dialog box to apply.

Text Case check-boxes within the Font dialog box
Figure 6: Text Case check-boxes within the Font dialog box

Figure 7, below shows samples of the text applied with Small Caps and All Caps options. While Small Caps changes the entire selected text to smaller variations of capital letters other than the first character of a word, All Caps is similar to the UPPERCASE option within the Change Case drop-down gallery.

Text applied with Small Caps and All Caps options
Figure 7: Text applied with Small Caps and All Caps options

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