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Trust Center Settings in PowerPoint 2013 for Windows

Learn about Trust Center Settings in PowerPoint 2013 for Windows.


Product/Version: PowerPoint 2013 for Windows

OS: Windows 7 and higher

We already looked at the Trust Center in a previous tutorial. But who knew that there so many settings available within the Trust Center? In this tutorial, we will explore these settings within PowerPoint 2013 for Windows.

Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Bring up the Trust Center dialog box as explained in our Trust Center in PowerPoint 2013 for Windows tutorial as shown in Figure 1, below.
  2. Trust Center in PowerPoint
    Figure 1: Trust Center in PowerPoint
  3. We will now explore various tabs in this dialog box:
  4. Trusted Publishers

  5. Anyone can publish a macro, ActiveX control, add-in, or another application extension, and distribute it to others. But how do you know if the publisher is trustworthy? The Trusted Publishers tab shows a list of known, trusted publishers, as shown in Figure 1, above.
  6. Trusted Locations

  7. This tab allows you to create, remove, or change trusted locations for your files (see Figure 2).
  8. Trusted Locations
    Figure 2: Trusted Locations
  9. Trusted Documents

  10. This tab allows you to trust documents that you access on a network. Once you trust a document, there won’t be any security prompts asking you for confirmations. You can clear your existing Trusted Documents or disable this option altogether (see Figure 3).
  11. Trusted Documents
    Figure 3: Trusted Documents
  12. Trusted App Catalogs

  13. This tab, shown in Figure 4 relates to Apps for Office and is new for Microsoft Office 2013. If any boxes are checked here, you may not be able to load the add-ins that show up in the Apps for Office interface (accessed through the My Apps button on the Insert tab of the Ribbon).
  14. Trusted App Catalogs
    Figure 4: Trusted App Catalogs
  15. Add-ins

  16. This tab, shown in Figure 5 relates to requiring that all add-ins are signed by a Trusted Publisher. You can also disable all your add-ins at one go.
  17. Add-ins
    Figure 5: Add-ins
  18. ActiveX Settings

  19. In this tab, you can control how ActiveX controls work within your slides. You can disable them, opt to get warnings, or run them without any restrictions (see Figure 6).
  20. ActiveX Settings
    Figure 6: ActiveX Settings
  21. Macro Settings

  22. Within this tab, shown in Figure 7, you can disable all macros with or without notifications. Or you can enable macros that are digitally signed. Finally, you can enable all macros.
  23. Macro Settings
    Figure 7: Macro Settings
  24. Protected View

  25. Protected View is a special view in which files open in a read-only mode to protect your computer. These files may be downloaded from the Internet, accessed from unsafe locations, or may have been Outlook attachments. By default, Protected View is enabled, although you can selectively disable if needed at your own risk (see Figure 8).
  26. Protected View
    Figure 8: Protected View
  27. Message Bar

  28. This option enabled a message bar that warns you within PowerPoint about unsafe content. You can turn this option on and off, as shown in Figure 9.
  29. Message Bar
    Figure 9: Message Bar
  30. File Block Settings

  31. Within this tab, you can choose custom open and save behaviors for file formats that work within PowerPoint, as shown in Figure 10.
  32. File Block Settings
    Figure 10: File Block Settings
  33. Privacy Options

  34. Looks at tons of options also exposed elsewhere within PowerPoint. The Privacy Options tab, shown in Figure 11 places these options in one convenient location.
  35. Privacy Options
    Figure 11: Privacy Options

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