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Edit Keywords in Clip Organizer in PowerPoint 2010 for Windows

Learn how to edit keywords within Clip Organizer in PowerPoint 2010 for Windows. You can enrich the meta information of the clip media by adding, editing, and deleting keywords.

We showed you how to add clip media within the Clip Organizer, and then we explored how you can create and organize Collections. Any clip media which is added by you or added from the web has keywords associated with it. These keywords are helpful, especially when you are searching for results associated with a particular keyword. Clip Organizer enables you to add and edit these keywords. These concepts are explained in this tutorial.

What is the Clip Organizer?

If you are new to Clip Organizer, it's a basic digital asset management program that lets you catalog clip media to be used within PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office programs. Do note that while you can catalog and organize media using the Clip Organizer, you will still have to insert these clip media via the Clip Art task pane in Microsoft Office applications.

The version we are exploring was included as part of Microsoft Office 2000, but the techniques we explore will work for previous versions too. However, Clip Organizer no longer works within newer versions of Microsoft Office released thereafter, such as Office 2013 or subsequent versions.

Follow these steps to work with keywords in Clip Organizer in PowerPoint 2010 for Windows:

  1. Launch Microsoft Clip Organizer and access any collection which has some clips added. In Figure 1, below you can see that we are exploring an existing Collection.

  2. Figure 1: Collection selected within the Microsoft Clip Organizer
  3. Now, select any clip media and right-click to bring up a contextual menu, as shown in Figure 2. Within this contextual menu, select the Edit Keywords option.

  4. Figure 2: Edit Keywords option
  5. Alternatively, select the Edit | Keywords menu option, as shown in Figure 3.

  6. Figure 3: Edit | Keywords menu option
  7. This opens the Keywords dialog box, as shown in Figure 4.

  8. Figure 4: Keywords dialog box
  9. Options within the Keywords dialog box are explained below, as marked in Figure 4 above:

  10. A. Preview

  11. This area shows the selected clip media.
  12. B. Caption

  13. Here you can edit the caption of the clip media.
  14. C. Previous

  15. Click this button to view and edit the previous clip media.
  16. D. Next

  17. Click this button to view and edit the next clip media.
  18. E. Keyword

  19. Here, type the keyword you want to add. To add multiple keywords at the same time, separate the keywords with a comma.
  20. F. Keywords for current clip

  21. Here you can see the list of keywords for the clip, both old and new added keywords.
  22. G. Add

  23. Once you have typed the keywords within the Keyword list, click the Add button to add them to the Keywords for current clip list.
  24. H. Modify

  25. Within the Keywords for current clip list, select the keyword you want to modify. Then within the Keyword list, make changes to the keyword and click the Modify button.
  26. I. Delete

  27. In the Keywords for current clip list, select the keyword you want to delete and click the Delete button.
  28. Once done click the OK button, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 4 earlier on this page.

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