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Slides With Countdown Timers in PowerPoint

Explore adding countdown timers within your presentation to keep track of your allotted time.


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Time is precious, and every second of every minute does count! And when it comes to presenting your slides in front of an audience, you have to make sure you don’t exceed the amount of time allotted to you. Being disciplined about the time will not only help you present a professional image, but your audiences will enjoy your presentation more as well because you helped them stay aligned to their time schedules.

That's easier said than done though. First of all, it is very distracting for a presenter to always keep tab on the time. And, if you as a presenter keep looking at your watch, or even a clock in the room, then your audiences will notice that action, and even if that is for a moment, you will lose their attention. In the real world, no presenter really can afford to lose the audience’s attention, even if that’s for a small amount of time.

Let's now explore a specific example. Imagine that you are about to give a presentation that contains certain number of slides. And you've got 15 minutes in all to complete the whole presentation and wrap up every detail, all in those 15 minutes! Or maybe you have only 10 minutes? What will you do?

Slides with Countdown Timers

How about showing the time right within your presentation slides? Like a countdown timer that shows as you progress your slides. Yes, there is one caveat. Your audience will also be able to see the timer. But let's face it, your audience may love you for being so honest. The only time this approach will not work is when you use 20 or 30 minutes when your timer shows that the time allotted to you was 15 minutes!

Making timers in PowerPoint is actually time consuming, but we have made it easy for you. You just need to download a set of ready-to-use Countdown Timers from Indezine. These downloads also include video clips that have these timers. Do note that most of these video clips are a little longer than the actual time. So the 15 minute timer may actually play for 15 minutes and a few extra seconds. But that’s due to how PowerPoint works. In fact the same slides will play a few seconds apart on different systems.

Countdown Timers for PowerPoint from

Note: These timers are available as MP4 video files and function well in all PowerPoint versions released so far. But still playing the video across slides option is only available in PowerPoint 2013 and 2010 for Windows. Unfortunately PowerPoint 2011 for Mac does not support this feature.

To learn how to use these Countdown Timers in your presentation, choose any of the following tutorials, depending upon your version of PowerPoint:

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