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WildPresenter Pro 3


Date Created: February 1st 2007
Last Updated: February 27th 2009

New Features
The Quiz Feature
Pricing and Support


We have reviewed WildPresenter in the past -- and rather than do the whole review again, this time we will explore the new features in this new version of WildPresenter.

For those of you who don't know what WildPresenter does, it is a product that allows you to import PowerPoint presentations -- thereafter you can continue editing your presentation in an editing environment that's so much like PowerPoint right down to the Slide Masters. Finally, WildPresenter allows you to output your project to a Flash SWF movie.

Here's a link to our earlier review on WildPresenter...


New Features

The new features in WildPresenter Pro 3 include:

  • LMS compliant output -- LMS stands for Learning Management Systems -- you'll find more info on Wikipedia...
  • Create Flash quizzes, assessments, and tests that you can integrate within your presentation output to Flash SWF

You can learn more about the new features of WildPresenter 3 on the Wildform site...


The Quiz Feature

The new quiz feature allows you to customized Flash quizzes, tests, assessments and surveys without any programming knowledge.

A wizard based interface leads you through the process -- and quizzes can be combined with video, audio, images and PowerPoint files. Here's how you can add a quiz within your WildPresenter project:

  1. Go to Windows Start menu and choose All Programs | WildForm | WildPresenter and launch the application. Open any project, or create a new presentation.

  2. Add a new slide and choose Objects | Create Quiz. This opens the Quiz Creator dialog box that you can see in Figure 1.

    Quiz Creator
    Figure 1: Quiz Creator

  3. This first screen allows you to provide a name to the quiz, set the frame rate, and choose a template (or create a new one). Once the choices have been made, click the Next button to go to the subsequent screen.

  4. The next screen, as shown in Figure 2 allows to add questions -- you can select the question type, and add the question and answer content. Add as many question and answer sets as required -- then click the Next button.

    Create Questions
    Figure 2: Create Questions

  5. The next screen, as shown in Figure 3 shows the preview of the quiz created. If everything is fine, click the Save & Insert button to create the quiz on the slide.

    Preview Quiz
    Figure 3: Preview Quiz

  6. Save the project and export it into Flash SWF.

Wildform has an informative video tutorial on creating quizzes in WildPresenter Pro 3.


Pricing and Support

WildPresenter Pro 3 costs $499.00.

Support is through email; in addition, the site includes a searchable knowledge base, and online training.



WildPresenter was already an impressive program and the addition of a first class quiz component makes it even more attractive to the e-learning sector.


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