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PowerPoint presentations can be informative, and a great business asset -- but don't most of them look the same? And they do sound the same as well because the only sound you probably hear is the presenter speaking.

That's something that can be easily changed if you use in some music -- either a background score or just some music in between the slides. And although I cannot over emphasis the fact that your music should not be as loud or overpowering so as to drown the entire presentation, I will add that music, when used well and in moderation can add a personality to your presentation.

Our product for review today is Liquid Cabaret , an amazing collection of music created specifically for use in PowerPoint presentations.


About Liquid Cabaret

Liquid Cabaret is from Indigo Rose Software, a company based in Winnipeg, Canada -- their other products are Setup Factory, Style Workshop, AutoPlay Media Studio, etc. You can learn more about the product from their site (link no longer exists).

Liquid Cabaret is a 20 volume collection of royalty-free background music tracks. Each volume represents a musical theme, including jazz, world rhythm, classical, dance, eighties and many more. The music tracks come in high-quality digital MP3 and OGG formats -- each with four different length and loop variations.

My contact at Liquid Cabaret for this review was Colin Adams - thank you, Colin. Do read what Colin has to say about Liquid Cabaret in this conversation.


Using Liquid Cabaret

Liquid Cabaret comes on CDs (for individual volumes) or a single DVD that includes all volumes (300 tracks) -- these can be easily purchased from the Liquid Cabaret site. Each volume contains 15 royalty-free music tracks.

Here's a quick walkthrough:

  1. Insert the CD/DVD in your drive -- since it is autorun enabled, you'll soon see the splash screen as shown in Figure 1. This screen shows the DVD interface.
  2. Liquid Cabaret interface
    Figure 1: Liquid Cabaret interface
  3. Click on any of the 20 volumes -- this opens the folder containing the tracks within the selected volume.
  4. Each track comprises a folder (see Figure 2) -- this again contains separate MP3 and OGG folders containing the individual tracks.
  5. Folders
    Figure 2: Folders
  6. Choose any music track to use it in a presentation. You might want to hear them, and then copy selected tracks to your hard disk. Thereafter, you can insert sound within PowerPoint.

Pricing and Support

Liquid Cabaret's individual volumes costs $59.00 and a complete set on DVD comprising volumes 1 through 20 costs $ 295.00.

Support is through email and an online knowledge base.



Liquid Cabaret is among those music track collections that lend themselves well to PowerPoint presentations -- the volumes themselves are based on interesting themes, and while some music is upbeat, many other tracks are soft and subtle -- just what you need to use in a PowerPoint presentation.


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This is the original page. An AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) version of this page is also available for those on mobile platforms, at Liquid Cabaret.

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