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ALLCapture 3.0


January 2nd 2008

About ALLCapture 3
Download and Installation
Using ALLCapture 3
Pricing and Support


ALLCapture is a screen recording program that also lets you edit and distribute screencasts, demos, tutorials, software simulations and videos.

In this review, we'll look at version 3.0 of ALLCapture Enterprise version.


About ALLCapture 3

ALLCapture is from Balesio, a company based in Germany that also creates PPTMinimizer, Turbodemo, etc. You can learn more about these products, and download a trial version of ALLCapture 3 here...

ALLCapture 3 comes in two version Standard and Enterprise, In this review will be focusing on the Enterprise version. A review of version 2 of ALLCapture can be found here....

The new features in ALLCapture 3.0 are:

  • The new PowerPoint add-in automatically converts presentations to Flash or video formats.
  • A new zoom option (see Figure 1).

    Figure 1:
    Zoom option

  • You can change the playback speed (depending on frame rate).
  • Resize and scale existing projects, e.g resize your movie to fit your iPod.
  • Unlimited time for screen recording.
  • PanelStudio: allows to create personalized navigation bars for Flash movies.
  • SkinStudio: with SkinStudio you can create customized speech bubbles and callouts.

My contact at Balesio for this review was Christoph Schmid - thank you, Christoph.


Download and Installation

Download the installer, run the setup routine and follow the instructions. You'll end up with a ALLCapture 3 program group in your Windows Start menu (see Figure 2 below).

Start Menu Group
Figure 2: ALLCapture 3 Start menu Group

It also create a toolbar in Microsoft PowerPoint, as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3: ALLCapture 3 toolbar in PowerPoint


Using ALLCapture 3

Follow this steps to use ALLCapture 3 within PowerPoint:

  1. Open or create a presentation in PowerPoint.

  2. Select Record with AllCapture button from the toolbar (refer to Figure 3).

    Note: Choose the dimensions for recording.

  3. For this tutorial I am recording a slide show in PowerPoint. Click the Record button to start the capture. The recording area can previewed inside a rectangle as shown in Figure 4.

    Recoding a slideshow
    Figure 4: Recoding a slideshow

    Note: We used a sample presentation from the Indezine presentation bank -- you can download the same presentation here...

  4. Once the recording is over, AllCapture 3 interface opens with the recorded clip ready for editing, or generating to an output format (see Figure 5).

    AllCapture 3 interface
    Figure 5: AllCapture 3 interface

  5. Once you are done with the edits, save the project and and export using the File | Export option, as shown in Figure 6.

    Figure 6: Export options

    Export options available are:

    SWF (.swf): Macromedia Flash file.
    EXE (.exe): Executable Demo
    ASF: Windows Media Player Format
    MPEG: for DVD, SVCD, VCD.


Pricing and Support

ALLCapture 3 Enterprise version costs $289.00 for a single user license, and is available as a multiple user license product as well. The normal version of ALLCapture 3 costs $129.

Support is through email, online FAQ , phone, and web tutorials.



ALLCapture 3.0 denotes the maturing of the ALLCapture line of products to encompass a whole capture, edit, and distribute solution that is logically laid out. The inclusion of extra add-ins in the package does sweeten the deal.


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