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by Geetesh Bajaj, August 13th 2013

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How To Win the Toastmasters World Championship: Conversation with Jeremey Donovan

Jeremey DonovanJeremey Donovan is Group Vice President of Marketing at Gartner Inc., the world's leading information technology research and advisory company with $1.6 billion in annual revenue. During his career, Jeremey has led successful teams focused on market research, new product development, marketing, acquisitions, and product management. He is a three-time TEDx organizer, a TEDx speaker, a coach for many TED and TEDx speakers, and long-time member of Toastmasters International. His other books include What Great Looks Like and How To Deliver A TED Talk: Secrets Of The World's Most Inspiring Presentations. In this conversation, Jeremey discusses his new book, How To Win the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking.

Read the conversation here

Bing Images Search by Color

Bing Images Search by ColorColor as a solid swatch may be an absolute value such as red, blue, green, yellow, etc. but to take a picture and then decide a color for that picture is an objective task! Can you just allot one color for a picture of a garden that shows a blue sky, green meadows, and multi-colored flowers? Probably not -- or maybe you can just choose green as a dominant color in that case -- whatever you do, there will be times when you need a picture that has a predominant red value or a primary grey value -- or a foremost value of some other color. Fortunately, Bing's Image Search has some great filters that let you percolate your search results to any color!

Learn how to search images in Bing by using the built in color filters

3 Still More Free and Favorite Handwritten Fonts

3 Still More Free and Favorite Handwritten Fonts Here we are again with three more handwritten fonts – these are all favorites and are free too! Have fun using these fonts to adorn your text -- in your slides or anywhere else -- do remember though that some of these fonts will not travel with your slides (not all fonts support embedding) -- so use only if you are presenting your slides on the same computer where these fonts were installed. Or make sure that the delivery system has the same fonts available.

Here are 3 more of our favorite handwritten fonts

Sign in to Office Mobile

Sign in to Office Mobile Launch Office Mobile for the first time on your iPhone or another compatible iOS device, and you'll have to see 4 screens (is this a slide presentation?) before you can even sign in! Swipe to the fifth screen and you finally come face to face with the Office Mobile Sign In page.

Here's how you sign in to Office Mobile on an iOS device

Learn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

Edit Custom Dictionaries
The squiggly red underline that shows up on some words indicates that PowerPoint considers those words to be misspelled! But that's not always the truth -- your spelling may be accurate but PowerPoint merely indicates the spelling error because that particular word may not be part of its vocabulary. Let's explore this more -- PowerPoint considers some medical or legal terms which are not commonly used, as misspelled words. To avoid this, you need to teach PowerPoint to spell those words -- in other words, you must enhance PowerPoint's custom dictionary. Of course, not only can you teach PowerPoint how to spell medical words, but you can also teach the program how to spell words that enhance lexicons in various other subjects such as research, law, computing, etc.
Loading and Using Custom Dictionaries
Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes whenever you do a spell check in PowerPoint or any other Microsoft Office program? PowerPoint looks at each word you have typed and matches those words with the entries listed within its dictionary. If the dictionary does not contain any of the words in your slides, it goes ahead and marks that word as misspelled. Then it offers you suggestions for changing those supposedly misspelled words to other similar words that can be found within its dictionary.

Learn PowerPoint 2013 for Windows

Resizing Shapes
Once you insert your shapes on a slide, you may realize that it's not the perfect size -- did you want it larger, or a wee bit smaller? However you want your shapes resized, it's easy to make the size change in a jiffy, right inside PowerPoint 2013. Like most Microsoft Office programs, PowerPoint follows the concept of selection, then action -- so the first thing you need to do for a shape that you want resized is to select it! Any shape that is selected shows several handles.
Smarter Guides
Do you notice that any object you move, resize, or align in PowerPoint 2013 actually helps make your task easy! Move it a little closer, resize a wee bit, or even try spacing slide objects and the screen shows all sorts of helpful indicators in the form of dotted lines. The red, dotted lines are essentially Smart Guides -- these made their debut in PowerPoint 2010 and allowed you to position objects easily -- now in PowerPoint 2013, they are a whole lot smarter and even let you see how much further you need to drag so that one object on the slide is as wide as another.
Rotate Shapes
When you insert any shape in your PowerPoint slide, more often than not you will want to make some changes to the default shape that you end up with. Mainly, you may want to resize and rotate the shape -- this is something we do a lot in our everyday life -- like rearranging our work desks, or even changing the position of our favorite chair so that we feel more comfortable. Similarly, all objects on your slide need to be arranged in a way that feels appropriate -- rotation is one way of making this change happen. In PowerPoint 2013, rotation can be applied in more than one way.

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High-Persuasion PowerPoint Presentation Secrets

Are you losing opportunities and boring your audience? Then you need to know the secrets of creating high-persuasion PowerPoint presentations! If you don’t know them, you’re losing opportunities and sales.

Ellen Finkelstein

During this webinar, presented by PowerPoint expert Ellen Finkelstein, you’ll see with your own eyes:

- Why you shouldn’t put what you say on your slides – contrary to what you see all the time!

- Why images are much more persuasive than text. How to use powerful images to persuade your audiences.

- The 3 PowerPoint mistakes that most presenters make and how to easily fix them.

- How to tap into your audience’s emotions so they will make the decision to buy, approve, or accept your message.

You’ll see great before and after examples that you can use as models. You’ll hear how one marketer used these techniques to increase his conversion rate from 50% to 70%.

Register for this free webinar now.

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