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by Geetesh Bajaj, June 4th 2013

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Office 365 or Office 2013 (or Office 2011)?

Office 365 What are all these new terms that Microsoft is talking about? Let's explore some of them. Office 365: Is this a web site? A subscription? Or both on some cloud in the sky? And does this mean that I cannot use desktop versions of Microsoft Office? And what if I am a Mac user? And where do Office 2013 for Windows or Office 2011 for Mac fit in?

Explore the differences and similarities between Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Office 2013

Attributing Creative Commons Pictures in your PowerPoint Slides

Attributing Creative Commons Pictures in your PowerPoint Slides Millions of pictures are available online within the Creative Commons license – many of these pictures can be found on Flickr – and typically, most Creative Commons licensed content on Flickr can be searched within three useable categories. You can therefore decide which of these license options work for you, which pictures are available within any of these license options – and then download the picture. That's when you need to think about another important aspect of the Creative Commons license – and that is attribution.

Learn how to attribute Creative Commons pictures in your PowerPoint slides

Electric Slide 2: Conversation with Jim Phelan

Jim Phelan Jim Phelan has architected, designed and developed numerous business productivity, healthcare and e-learning applications. He is the co-founder of elucidate llc, where he created Electric Slide, elucidate’s core product, as well as several healthcare applications. Jim lives in Brooklyn with his mischievous cat Zeus, whose spirit name is Peeve. In this conversation, Jim discusses the new Electric Slide 2.

Read the conversation here

Instant Effects Presenter v5.6: Conversation with Don Brittain

Don Brittain Don Brittain is CEO and a founder of Instant Effects, a California company that develops software to visually enhance presentations, communications, and collaboration. In this conversation, Don discusses the new v5.6 release of Instant Effects Presenter.

Read the conversation here

Learn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

Change Background Styles for Slide Layouts
When you change Background Styles within the Slide Master, the Background Style for all dependent Slide Layouts will change. However, it is not necessary for all your Slide Layouts to possess the same Background Style as the Slide Master -- or even another Slide Layout. Each Layout can have its own independent Background Style, as you will learn in the rest of this tutorial.
Custom Backgrounds for Slide Master and Layouts
A simple looking presentation with a clean background is always a great idea since that doesn't overpower your message. Yet, there are plenty of opportunities to go beyond a plain background and use a less restrained background instead -- your choice for a slide background should complement the content of your presentation. PowerPoint 2011 does provide you with 12 default slide Background Styles which can be applied to both the Slide Master and individual Slide Layouts -- other than these default background styles, you can also opt to use a custom slide background such as a solid color, a gradient, a pattern or texture, or even a picture.

Learn PowerPoint 2013 for Windows

Advanced Eyedropper Options
We have already explored the new Eyedropper tool in PowerPoint 2013 that lets you sample colors from any object within your PowerPoint slide and use that same color as a fill or outline for a shape. You can follow the same principle to modify text fills and outlines. The technique is little different if you want to pick an exact color from somewhere outside PowerPoint.
Task Pane
The Task Pane is a docked window within the PowerPoint 2013 interface that provides more options than dialog boxes -- also unlike most dialog boxes which cover the Slide Area, you can view both the active slide(s) and the Task Pane at the same time -- thus the Task Pane provides a more streamlined experience.
Status Bar
The Status Bar is a thin strip located at the bottom of the PowerPoint 2013 interface. This area provides information about the active slide, and also provides several View options. To work with options in the Status Bar, you must have a presentation open in PowerPoint -- otherwise the options within the Status Bar will be grayed out.
Add to Circles

Visual Language Workshop, July 2013

Visual Language Workshop, July 2013

Visual language is a dynamic presentation style where you speak both verbally and visually at the same time, spontaneously and flexibly stringing together rich imagery to support spoken words.

If you say it, you also try to simultaneously show it, no matter where the conversations or interactions lead.

Robert Lane Check out the video on this link to see this presentation style in action led by your instructor, Robert Lane -- and decide if it's right for you.

You can also watch sample training videos by working through the free course available on the link page. You can then opt to join the action-packed full course that gets you up and running quickly.

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The cost of the course is $89 (less 30% promo with the code: fps526by) and seating is limited to 100 participants -- so please act soon if you don't want to miss this amazing option.

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