by Geetesh Bajaj, April 3rd 2012
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Listless, Lifeless Slides?

Geetesh Bajaj
There's so much you can do with a blank slide! Yet, most users will create a list on those blank slides -- yes, I just call them "lists", but others may call them bulleted lists. It's just another name, and yet there has to be a reason why 9 of 10 PowerPoint users seem to be so comfortable creating all sorts of lists on their slides? Now when I say 9 of 10, I haven't done a survey or research -- just something I have explored. Experts seem to agree with my observation though and they also believe that bulleted lists are a huge problem. Many presentation design experts seem to believe that bullets may cause "death by PowerPoint".
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Animated Slides: Investment Pyramids

Animated Slides: Investment Pyramids

Investment pyramids let you decide which investments are the most and least important facets of your portfolio. Typical investment portfolios use the classic pyramid diagram, but sometimes this may not work best – especially since the area available for text diminishes as you go from the base to the tip of the pyramid. This problem can be easily rectified by using another variant of the pyramid diagram available within the SmartArt graphics of PowerPoint. The Before example in this slide deck shows a typical pyramid, and the After example shows a slightly different pyramid diagram. Download and use these slides for your own presentations.

Conversations, Interviews and Guest posts

John BevanBrightCarbon (iPad Presentations): Conversation with John Bevan
John Bevan from BrightCarbon has over eight years’ experience in creating compelling, clear, and persuasive visual presentations. John has recently helped to develop Visual Conversations for iPad -- a service designed to create effective material for sales teams using iPad. John is based out of Singapore, but also works with companies in Europe and the USA. In this conversation, John discusses the specialized needs of iPad capable presentations. Read the conversation here.
Art HoldenPresenterMedia Content: Conversation with Art Holden
Art Holden has been in the animation and presentation industry since 1996. He helped start Animation Factory in 1997 and served as general manager of Animation Factory for thirteen years. He currently lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA and works with PresenterMedia, a media content creating company. In this conversation, Art discusses the media content available from PresenterMedia. Read the conversation here.
Jay WilderBrainshark SlideShark v1.5: Conversation with Jay Wilder
Jay Wilder is director of product marketing at Brainshark, Inc. Brainshark’s cloud-based software lets users create online and mobile video presentations -- using simple business tools like PowerPoint and the telephone -- and then share and track their content. Thousands of companies use Brainshark to improve the reach and results of their business communications, while also dramatically reducing costs. In this conversation, Jay discusses new features and functionality in SlideShark -- the free app from Brainshark that solves the problem of PowerPoint’s incompatibility on the iPad. Read the conversation here.
Dinesh AwasthiauthorSTREAM on mobile: Conversation with Dinesh Awasthi
Dinesh Awasthi is Product Manager for In addition to developing the strategic product roadmap and implementation of various features on authorSTREAM, he works with the development team and keeps an eye on user feedback to formulate new releases. Dinesh holds a Masters degree in Computer Applications. In this conversation, Dinesh discusses the new authorSTREAM mobile site. Read the conversation here.
Phillip GibbsPresenterClock: Conversation with Phillip Gibbs
Phillip Gibbs has been involved in the audio-visual production business for 25 years and co-founded IMS Communications, an events production business, in 1991. Over time, clients' expectations for their conferences have climbed higher and higher; they want them to be memorable and efficient in communicating their messages. They also want them to be eye-catching and to run as smoothly as a TV programme. As technology has changed, shows have become slicker requiring custom software to manipulate graphics, video and interactive devices. IMS designers have taken this development one step further - to help presenters keep to time. In this conversation, Phillip discusses PresenterClock, a PowerPoint add-in that allows presenters to be on schedule. Read the conversation here.
Tom KuhlmannArticulate, PowerPoint, and E-Learning: Conversation with Tom Kuhlmann

Tom Kuhlmann is VP, Community for Articulate, where he manages the Articulate user community. He also writes the Rapid E-Learning Blog which is published weekly to over 80,000 readers. Tom has developed and managed e-learning courses for both large and small organizations. He's passionate about learning technology and his core focus is on helping people succeed and grow. He is known throughout the industry for his practical, no-nonsense approaches to e-learning. He's also a frequent speaker at ASTD and e-learning industry events. He has a Master's in Education Technology from Pepperdine. In this conversation, Tom discusses how PowerPoint users can start using Articulate tools to create e-learning content. Read the conversation here.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Digital Signatures and Animation

Learn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac: Guides and Drawing in PowerPoint

Jerry Weissman's Workshop: $100 Discount

Jerry Weissman's

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This workshop is designed for all levels; senior managers, mid-level managers, salespersons, administrative staff, engineers, educators, authors, fundraisers for not-for-profit organizations, and more.
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