by Geetesh Bajaj, March 6th 2012
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Slides Have Emotions

Geetesh Bajaj
During the last issue, we discussed about how a smile can be a liability to a speaker, especially if he smiles all through a long presentation. Read our Thin Smiles, Thinner Audiences story this time to learn more. Yet, that does not mean that you should not smile -- a smile is a very useful part of your personality, and a great asset when it is sincere and genuine.
And when you smile, your slides need to smile too. Yes, slides have emotions -- they can cry, they can smile. They can be grumpy, dirty, and confused -- or they can be organized, efficient, and clean! In the next few issues, we will explore slide emotions and see how the right emotive slide can make a difference to your presentation.
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Conversations, Interviews and Guest posts

Gavin WedellDoodleslide: Conversation with Gavin Wedell
Gavin Wedell is a business educator. He specialises in training business-academics in best-practice educational techniques. During his career he has designed and facilitated management development programmes for leading global corporates. He has received numerous awards for the innovative nature of his learning programmes. In this conversation, Don discusses Doodleslide, a PowerPoint add-in that includes a collection of doodles and over 50 slide templates. Read the conversation here.

Thin Smiles, Thinner Audiences!

Thin SmilesYesterday evening, our bank invited us to a presentation by one of their insurance consultants -- and that caused me to run into something I have never experienced before in more than a decade of presenting and teaching people how to present! What I encountered was a thin smile -- the presenter had this thin smile plastered on his face right from the start to end of his presentation -- and that lasted for a good hour and half. Fortunately, I had my iPad with me -- so I used it to good advantage to pencil all my thoughts immediately! Later I asked a few friends about what they thought -- and added all their experiences to this blog post. Learn how a smile can be a liability.

Animated Slide: Rotated Circles with Background Fill

Rotated Circles with Background fill

A picture that has 6 friends celebrating – and 6 circles grab each of these friend’s faces to create a rotated circle animation. Predictably, all 6 circles contain a slide background fill so as to grab the content off the slide background. Simultaneously, the rest of the background fades out so that the area within the circles is highlighted. The background picture was sourced from Microsoft’s site. These slides were created in PowerPoint 2010 for Windows and should work well in both PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 for Windows – and in PowerPoint 2008 and 2011 on the Mac. Download and use this presentation.

PowerPoint Add-in Review: Lingo 2

Although it is easy to change the proofing language for specific text placeholders within a PowerPoint presentation, this can be a monotonous and long task. If you need to change the proofing language of over a hundred slides, you can be assured that this might take away a larger part of your working day. Fortunately, our review product can be a huge help! Lingo 2 is a PowerPoint add-in that changes the proofing language of all slides within a presentation at one go! It searches almost everywhere in your presentation to locate instances of language attributes in the Masters, tables, SmartArt, Notes pages, grouped shapes and text boxes, text placeholders, etc. -- and changes the proofing language.

Learn about Lingo, a PowerPoint add-in which enables changing the proofing language of the presentation’s text content to various languages.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Digital Signatures and Connectors

Learn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac: Connectors

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