by Geetesh Bajaj, December 6th 2011
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What's Winter For You?

Geetesh Bajaj
Depending upon where in the world you live, winter can be the best or worst time of the year. Managing winter in sub-zero temperatures can still be enjoyable but long spells of cold weather can make one gloomy. On the other hand, for us here in tropical India winter signifies the absence of hot afternoons -- but we never get to see any snow -- in fact there are many people here who have never seen snow all their life although we have the highest snow covered mountains in the world in this country!
Winter is also a festive time -- reminding everyone of Christmas and the New Year -- in the following days, we plan to release plenty of content around both these events.
We have plenty of new content in this issue -- scroll down to find the content. Topping the list of new content is an article on how you can get a free or cheaper copy of PowerPoint (and the rest of Office) with Microsoft's blessings.
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Free Copy of PowerPoint?

The amount of people asking for a free copy of PowerPoint is astounding! Although this is amazing and true at the same time, most of these people looking for a free copy of PowerPoint are students who need to do school projects. Forums and answer sites are full of people asking this question -- so we decided to do a detailed article on this topic -- the results of our research surprised us, for not only is it possible to get a free or cheaper copy of PowerPoint -- but it is possible to do so with Microsoft's blessings!

Conversations and Guest Posts

Ralph Baddourpolltogo: Conversation with Ralph Baddour
Ralph Baddour is a Canadian engineer, scientist and former biomedical researcher who's given talks at several international conferences. A part-time entrepreneur for the last decade, he has recently left academia and is now working on a several web startup projects, most notably polltogo as co-founder & CTO of Inspirapps Inc. polltogo is a new web-based platform that facilitates mobile interactions with a targeted audience. Although there are many sectors in which polltogo is being used, it is particularly well suited in the context of presentations as it can help a presenter better engage an audience. In this conversation, Ralph discusses polltogo. Read the conversation here.
Dave HowellAir Display: Conversation with Dave Howell (iPad Presenting Series)
Dave Howell is the founder of Avatron Software, the mobile app developer that created Air Sharing, Print Sharing, and Air Display. Before starting Avatron, Dave was a senior engineering manager at Apple, where he worked on the Pro Apps and Productivity Apps teams. Dave has Computer Science and Music degrees from Case Western Reserve University and a Cornell MBA. In this conversation, Dave discusses using their Air Display product to use an iPad as a presenting tool. Read the conversation here.
Sandra SchriftAre You a Bold Speaker?: Guest Post by Sandra Schrift
I have been booking and coaching professional speakers since 1982. And here is what I have observed. The best speakers do not fill the air with a lot of words -- they make the space for their audience to tell them what they need to know. The best speakers ask, "What do you need to really hear from me to give you what you came to hear?" Read the guest post here.

Reviews and More

OfficeOne AnimationsOfficeOne Animations: The Indezine Review
OfficeOne Animations is a PowerPoint add-in that provides over 50 extra animation effects other than what are already provided by PowerPoint. These new animation effects are also available in the same category names as PowerPoint's default animations: Entrance, Emphasis, and Exit. Any of the custom animation effects provided by OfficeOne Animations can be previewed within PowerPoint itself, and also can be played on computers where OfficeOne Animations is not installed. PowerPoint animation options such as timings, repeat, triggers, sound, after animation settings, etc. work in the same way as with any other animation -- and are configurable through PowerPoint's user interface. Read the review here.
How to Give a Great Presentation by Nick MorganBook Review: How to Give a Great Presentation by Nick Morgan
There is a new trend with ebooks -- they are getting smaller all the time! Typically ebooks were just electronic versions of regular books that had a hundred pages or more and needed more than a day or two to read, especially if you had other full time work to take care of. Now, ebook authors have realized that it's no longer necessary to take a concept that fits into 16 pages, and extend it to an entire book -- so you get ebooks that are direct in their approach, get straight to the point -- and you learn something new within an hour! Nick Morgan's new book, How to Give a Great Presentation fits the description in the preceding paragraph. It is compact, and direct in its tone. Read more here.

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