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Your PowerPoint templates are always so appropriate for Special Day celebrations. Thank you!
- Dick, Mossel Bay, South Africa

I really like the ideas and cannot wait to see these templates.
- Margaret Magnusen, Dover, USA

Love adding new templates to my library. Indezine provides so many new ideas that help with my day-to-day responsibilities and I love the stress free creation that these freebies offer. Very helpful tools for our Children's hospital projects.
- Kimberly Stanley, Birmingham, United States

I have some background PowerPoint templates I downloaded free from Indezine. They make the presentations look attractive and special because they are rare. They catch the attention of the viewers.
- Kaeni Agiomea, Honiara, Solomon Islands

I sincerely appreciate Indezine sharing it's knowledge as well as the beautiful PowerPoint templates. The time savings so many of us reap from feeble attempts to develop a similar product which in my circumstances would not come close. The heart and soul in your templates say so much before one word is added. I appreciate all that Indezine does!
- Mary Lois Martin, Hodgenville, USA

Very interesting about PowerPoint for me.
- Suroso, Tangerang, Indonesia

Please pick me. It's not like I have not been blessed abundantly already....but I want to use your gift to pass on a Mothers Day blessing to all of the woman at my church, where I pastor. Please.
- Paul Savino, Rancho Mirage, USA

I'm a mother of three, a grandmother of five, Cancer survivor and a lot more. I'm working to start a non-profit business is helping others towards achieving their goals. Specially those who have had hardship in their lives. I'm putting together PowerPoints to show what options they may have, success stories, recruitments, and to show employers why they want to hire or assist.
- Gina Walters, Carlsbad, USA

My mother passed away nearly five years ago, but my daughter-in-law will be a mother very soon. In paying respects to my mother I would like to shower my love and joy on the next 'mother' in our family. After all, Mother's Day is for every mother, not just our own!!
- Gina Fowler, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

There is always something great here.
- Tom Faga, Jr., Oakland, USA

- Salizatul, Klang, Malaysia

I do the weekly announcements on Sundays for my church. Having the Mother's Day templates will really raise the bar. Not to mention the women will feel the love and know how special they really are. Thank you for such quality templates.
- Margo Malone, Anaheim, USA

It's a wonderful stuff for working. Thank You
- Carmelo Enriquez, Cuernavaca, Mexico

Always great presentations!
- Tom Collins, Rock Hill SC, USA

Me interesaría tener un manual completo de PowerPoint y aprender mas tips. Conel premio voy a preparar una presentación a mi esposa.
- Carlos Alberto Melchor Nores, Lima, Peru

I would love to have the Mother's Day Templates. Thank you.
- Kim Fahy, Hazlet, USA

Mother's Day should not be forgotten by anyone. No one can take the place of a Mom. God has given us parents and it is our duty to love, respect and obey them. When they are old & sick lets make it our duty to care for them. Because when we do so God's blessings fall on us. And God's gifts are the best gifts ever - our family.
- Senta Pereira, Mumbai, India

Appreciate all the hints and suggestions you provide. I would like to make Mother's day special for our church service by using a design specific for mothers. Thanks for all you do.
- Alison Orozco, South Bend, Indiana, USA

I would like to be creative on Mother's Day for the 4 Mothers in my life that are very special. I would very much like to receive the subject templates so that I can make Mother's Day very special.
- Frank Forest, Dallas, USA

A mother is the first link a child has to the world!
- Esperanca Costa, Gois, Portugal

Hoping to use these templates for a mothers' day program at church this weekend
- Gerard Viney, Edmonton, Canada

I love your website and the learning things on it. I will use the templates for sermon introductions where I preach.
- Scott Hoover, Sulphur, USA

Honoring means respecting. We respect our mothers for their love, their loyalty, their commitment, and their sacrifice. We respect the example they set that makes us do better in our lives.
- Bob Duffer, Kailua Kona, USA

Very regards for your creativity this tools are wonderful ,the professional people needs to working or studying with TIC and your templates support this scopes...thanks a lot for being the one. Sincerely
- Cristina Acosta, Chihuahua, Mexico

I will like to participate and receive free PowerPoint.
- Erika Dawkins, Colon, Panama

Well I have a rave to send to you through this form. Thanks for helping with ideas for presentation of my PowerPoint for our church. That's where I could use my prize. Mother's Day.
- Robyn Baigrie, Murrumba Downs, Australia

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