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I've always used Indezine to jazz up my presentations and they provide great ideas/feedback on their products. I feel they are a huge asset to any company, department, or school. With this new FILEminimzer-I can take my presentations even further than I do now.
- Shannon Reese, Montgomery, USA

Looking forward to this double newsletter. The background remover tool in PowerPoint 2011 has allowed me to create some beautiful flower graphics for cards. Took a picture of a yellow daisy on the table at breakfast on Saturday at a small restaurant. Came home and took out the background. Beautiful on a card -- several cards -- both plain and against a framed gradient background. Keep the newsletter coming. I will use FILEminimizer to shrink large graphic PPT files with pictures of flowers.
- John Thompson, Saskatoon, Canada

I'd love to have a copy of this program - I e-mail a lot of things out to friends & family and this would make it even easier!
- Deborah Mason, Grand Lake, USA

Indezine has helped me successfully present on a number of occasions. I would love to win this software. It would assist me in organizing my hard disk space so that I could work more efficiently.
- Janis Royal-Collins, Philadelphia, PA, USA

This seems like a very nice product and it would be very awesome if I could try this out, this would be very handy since I always have to move files between computers and storage devices and it's a pain to always worry if there would be enough space for my files to fit in.
- Jefferson Cruz, Cavite, Philippines

I use it in older version, it's a great help! It is the best tool to shrink office-files. Indezine does well to offer this product, I got many hints from this site. Thanks a lot.
- Mertens, Stephan, Hennef, Germany

Indezine helps me to put the WOW in my presentations. The practical help and educational items are truly beneficial to a lay person such as myself. Thank you.
- Steve Vice, Jonesboro, USA

This will definitely help me in being able to reduce the size of files that I give to my students.
- Allan Greenberg, Brooklyn, USA

Love your tips and links! Thanks for the insights.
- Brenda Collins, Victorville, USA

The world needs an intelligent file size reduction program - anything to reduce the ever growing storage issue!
- Bob Steele, Cambridge, New Zealand

I will use it to compress all files I have and save them portable hard drive, so that I can save them for my sons and grandsons.
- K. Lo, Richmond, Canada

The program is intriguing to me as files are my nemesis. I understand that this is not a program that gives order to the files, just that I can do something with these PowerPoint files is alluring.
- Dennis Russell, Santa Maria, USA

Yeah, this looks good.
- Jon Spain, London, UK

My PowerPoints are full of pictures, so the file size is big. I could do with this prize - I just can't do bullet points!
- Rae Drysdale, Carrickfergus, UK

I had not heard of FILEminimizer so went and found out how amazing your product is. PC Basics gave you 5 stars for its functionality. This would be a program that I feel I would use regularly, as file size keeps getting bigger and bigger.
- Don DeWitt, Orient, USA

I believe Fileminimizer suite would be beneficial to moving my work from place to another.
- Rhonda Debono, Werribee, Australia

Finally a tool to shrink by collateral material so I can easily deliver them by e-mail.
- Coleman Bailes, Houston, USA

I would appreciate your consideration to include me in the giveaway of the FILEminimizer Suite. I need it.
- Rita Doerr, Verona, USA

Smaller is better sometimes!
- Bob Slesinski, Champaign, USA

Save space and use to the maximum,practice proper filing.
- Sibisi CME, Westonaria, South Africa

First, Awesome site! I have found so many interesting factiods and learned a few things along the way. Secondly, this software sounds like exactly what I need to use for files both personally and in my position of Administrative Assistant. Thank you so much for your consideration.
- April Evans, Newark, OH, USA

I'd really like to win this because first at all I have never won anything and I always try it, I will use it for my musical project and I like to teach, so once I've learned how to use it I will, also i always recommend the products that I find really amazing to people who I know and I might some videos showing what I could do with it, I'll upload song and test on sound cloud where I got followers and For sure I will came up with any idea to thank for the gift I would get it.
- Jinger Perez, Dublin, Ireland

If I win this prize I'll give it to my daughter for her use in college. I've always passed on to her tips I learn from Indezine News. Thank you for offering this opportunity to win.
- Vicki Davey, Drexel, USA

We are in the process of organizing a large family reunion. I feel that this software will help us to organize photos of family members as well as files holding the contact information of the individuals and families that are participating in the reunion. Thank you for this opportunity to learn and grow.
- Robin Hendricks, Pearland, USA

Awesome tool.
- Duke Wilwayco, Austin, USA

All I can say is this is the type of program that could make my life a teacher so much easier for me and my students. We are constantly fighting the limited storage space that our department gives us. YOU ROCK.
- Ross Querry, Dallas, USA

I need all the help I can get to keep my organized and on task!!! Help, please.
- Wilma Kirk Lee, Houston, USA

Because even electronic we need to look for the "Eco", just reduce your file size.
- Fernando, Madrid, Spain

Size DOES matter. And when it's PowerPoint, minimal size matters most. Thanks, Indezine, for all the useful information, freebies, and insights!
- Johan, Perth, Australia

I look for these newsletters first thing every time I open my e-mail as I love PowerPoint and use it a lot. I learned a lot from them, even if I know the process I still read it and often I find something I was missing. You became so familiar that if I meet you one day I may be surprised if you don't say hello to me. Thank you.
- Huda, Khartoum, Sudan

Do you want to minimize your PPT files and maximize the effect of your presentation? Use FILEminimizer Suite!
- Barbara Becker, Gdynia, Poland

Send presentations to my students and I create Web quest so requires of a large compact Mighty program tailored mis Files PowerPoint among other.
- Eduardo Sanchez, San Juan del Rio Queretaro, Mexico

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