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Step 8 - Beta
Step 9 - Overhaul
Step 10 - Fine Tuning
Step 11 - Delivery

Step 8 - Beta


At this stage, your end user should have a chance to view the presentation. Be present, by all means for the viewing, if this means there are no more than two other people representing the client. If the number is any greater, make yourself scarce and ask them to get back to you with their feedback.

Analyse and study this feedback - keep an open mind and don't shy away from experimenting and trying out new ideas - if there is something you can assimilate from the feedback, put those thoughts into action without remorse. Learning is an experience which never ends.

Step 9 - Overhaul

This is your 'final' chance to lay out your presentation again. Play the presentation and view it with the eye of a critic. Be very particular about the flow of the storyline - let it not be abrupt - unless that's part of your story!

Consider these:

  • Is the background score suitable to the theme and subject of the presentation.
  • Does the beginning of your presentation lack tempo or fail to build enthusiasm.
  • Does the remainder of the presentation live up to the expectations created by the beginning.
  • Does the entire theme of the presentation fulfill the ethos of your audience.
  • Does the end leave an impact with the audience - does it look like a 'happy ending' or does it seem like an incomplete story.

At this stage, consider a mock-up with the speaker of the presentation to find out their comfort and confidence level.

Also, remember this golden rule - always discourage the client from exaggerating their abilities - if someone from the audience can prove some claim wrong, it can be the cause of failure of a great presentation.

Step 10 - Fine Tuning

Fine tune the last loose threads of the presentation - check up the spelling and grammar, try to make shorter sentences with more impact. If a slide contains too much matter, try dividing it across slides.

Check your interactivity and make sure if all links work. If you need to burn a CD ROM, you can do a test run with a CD Rewritable - since these can be erased and rewritten until you get a perfect copy.

Step 11 - Delivery

Write a 'Readme' file to place in the root of the delivery medium. In this document, include instructions to run this CD; if you are copying a runtime version of your presentation software on the CD - do explain everything in an easy, yet detailed style.

Check to see if all the video, audio and font files are included on the CD. Once all the stuff is perfectly replicated on a CD ROM, Zip Drive or floppy (?), create copies as required and deliver to the client against a certification of completion.

Of course, you can take your presentations a lot more further - keep checking this site for more ideas!

11 Steps To Presentations - Page 4 of 4

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