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Irregular Shapes - 06

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Yes, it's great to have stuff neatly lined up - but your slide layouts can look more pleasing and aesthetic with a personal touch. It's the same with geometric shapes - they look organized, but why stay with just organized when they can also look more human with a shape that's slightly irregular?

What if you could make all shape segments in your slides curved, slanted, and natural looking - as if they are hand-drawn? Won't that look more organic? If you agree, then you will certainly love these new irregular shapes for PowerPoint.

These shapes are already within PowerPoint slides. Just copy them and paste within your slides. One great option is to fill these shapes with pictures, as shown below - even the same picture looks different when contained within different shapes. But that’s just one option – you can do so much more!

Irregular Shapes for PowerPoint

Moreover, you can also add text to these shapes, with or without pictures!

What’s more, all shapes are PowerPoint native. So, you can perform all kind of edits that you can do with the shapes inside PowerPoint. Create some amazing slides using these Irregular Shapes. We are sure you will enjoy using these shapes.

Get these slides for next to nothing – you can set your own price.

Irregular Shapes for PowerPoint

Buy and Download for $0+ (3.37 mb)


Why is there a + in the cost?

The + in the cost indicates that while there is a minimum price set for this download, you can pay more if you wish. We use this system of you choosing any price over and above a set minimum because some users such as students may not be able to pay a higher price. We therefore set a minimum price to make this download affordable for them. For everyone else, please do try and pay a higher amount -- your conscious support can allow us to make these products available to you at a low cost -- thank you!

Ideas to use Irregular Shapes

Irregular Shapes - 06, for PowerPoint

Irregular Shapes - 06, for PowerPoint

Irregular Shapes - 06, for PowerPoint

Buy and Download for $0+ (3.37 mb)

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