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Bucket Diagrams with Water for PowerPoint

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Bucket diagrams are so expressive, useful, and direct in the message they provide. Yes, these diagrams have everything to do with buckets and the water they contain. While the buckets themselves represent a source or destination, the water represents the financial liquidity.

Buckets show items in a distribution, they represent the flow of things, or show collections of items. An empty bucket can indicate the capacity to which it can be filled. A bucket pouring water in another could represent distribution. You can have buckets that are full, empty, or somewhat full. And you can also pour the water from one bucket to another!

Bucket Diagrams for PowerPoint

Buy and Download for only $9.99+ (23.5 mb)

What Do You Get?

Includes SlideProof Library

This is what you get:

  • 3 bucket styles with five variations each – a full bucket, a three-fourth filled bucket, a half filled bucket, a quarter filled bucket – and also an empty bucket
  • Matching bucket styles with smaller and longer streams of water
  • Matching bucket sets that show water flowing from one or two buckets into a larger bucket

So all put together you get hundreds of variations and possibilities.

Bucket Diagrams for PowerPoint

Buy and Download for only $9.99+ (23.5 mb)

Why is there a + in the cost?

The + in the cost indicates that while there is a minimum price set for this download, you can pay more if you wish. We use this system of you choosing any price over and above a set minimum because some users such as students may not be able to pay a higher price. We therefore set a minimum price to make this download affordable for them. For everyone else, please do try and pay a higher amount -- your conscious support can allow us to make these products available to you at a low cost -- thank you!

Includes SlideProof Library

This collection includes a special Indezine version of SlideProof that installs as a Library add-in for Windows versions of PowerPoint. You can easily drag and drop slides into your presentation, as shown in the Figure below.

Bucket Diagrams for PowerPoint

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