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On this page you will find support options that will help you use the special Indezine version of SlideProof.

What is SlideProof? And what is the special SlideProof for Indezine version?

SlideProof is an amazing add-in for PowerPoint from Veodin, a company based in Germany. The add-in provides extensive, extra capabilities in PowerPoint including a Library tool that lets you store and re-use slides and slide objects within a docked Task Pane in PowerPoint. This makes using these components super simple -- all you do is explore and search -- and then drag and drop into your slides (see the screen shot below)!

SlideProof for Indezine

We liked SlideProof so much at Indezine that we worked with the folks at Veodin to get you a free version that will work with all the graphics, diagrams, animations, and chart samples that we provide. Some of our content is freemium (you decide what you want to pay) and some of our content is paid. But each of these products will now include a special version of SlideProof that will let you place all your content within a Library folder. And that's where the magic begins. Everything within your Library folder that's saved in the special SlideProof SPZIP format will be accessible to you within PowerPoint.

You can also buy the full version of SlideProof.

What is different between the full version of SlideProof and the special SlideProof for Indezine version?

Technically, they are the same! You can opt to buy the full version of SlideProof using the link below the Library Task Pane, as shown below. However, this purchase is completely optional -- and you can continue to use the free version (SlideProof for Indezine) as long as you want.

SlideProof for Indezine

There are several benefits if you buy though. You will get so many more abilities -- plus you will get support from the folks at Veodin.

How do I install SlideProof for Indezine?

It's easy to install SlideProof -- in fact it's so easy that all you need to do is click and let SlideProof do the rest! Look at the video below to understand the installation process.

As long as you have PowerPoint version 2007 or higher for Microsoft Windows, you can install SlideProof.

Mac versions of SlideProof are not yet available. If you are on a Mac, you can use SlideProof by running Parallels or VMWare Fusion with the Windows version of Microsoft PowerPoint. SlideProof is not yet available for the pure Mac version of Office.

How do I copy my assets to the Library Task Pane?

First of all you will need to find the folder which represents the content you see in the Library Task Pane. To do that access the Home tab of the Ribbon, locate the Indezine group, and then click the Show Folder button, as shown highlighted in red within the screen shot below.

SlideProof for Indezine

This will open the folder that represents content that will show up within SlideProof's Library Task Pane. By default, this folder will be empty as shown in the screen shot below.

SlideProof for Indezine

All new assets that you get from Indezine include a file with the SPZIP file extension. Copy this SPZIP file to this folder, as shown in the screen shot below.

SlideProof for Indezine

This will result in new assets showing up in the Library Task Pane, as shown in the screen shot below.

SlideProof for Indezine

What if you cannot see the Library Task Pane at all, even after installing SlideProof?

It may be possible that you had installed SlideProof previously and it was not completely uninstalled. You will have to first uninstall SlideProof -- then make sure that these two folder locations are deleted, if they exist:

C:\Users\<Username>\Documents\Slide Library

This video below shows how we deleted these two folders. Thereafter install SlideProof for Indezine again.

Do note that support for SlideProof is only available from Veodin to those who purchase the full version. Also if you received SlideProof as part of a product you bought from Indezine, we did not charge you for SlideProof -- and you were only charged for the slides, graphics, or other assets you purchased.

If you have any non-support related questions, please get in touch with us via the feedback form.

Which Indezine products include this special version of SlideProof?

As of now, the following products are enabled for the SlideProof Library:

Bucket Diagrams with Water for PowerPoint

Bucket Diagrams with Money for PowerPoint

Matrix Diagram: Fortune Teller Origami

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