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Compressing Pictures in PowerPoint - 2 of 2

Explore options to reduce PowerPoint file sizes using third-party compression programs.


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Using Third Party Compression/Optimization Programs
PowerPoint’s Automatic Compression

Using Third Party Compression/Optimization Programs

There are plenty of third party programs that provide compression options in PowerPoint. Many of these also work with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel files to provide a full suite of optimization options across Microsoft Office programs.

Here's a list of some of these programs, along with links to their full reviews on

Neuxpower NXPowerLite

Neuxpower NXPowerLite is among the most well known programs in this category. Their latest version works with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and is also compatible with Office 2007. Read the review here.

PPTminimizer 3

PPTminimizer is from Balesio, a German company that also creates several other products such as TurboDemo. PPTminimizer can also search for PowerPoint and other Office file formats on your computer and apply automatic compression. Read the review here.

PowerShrink 2007

PowerShrink from TopByte Labs works with PowerPoint files, and Word and Excel files from Office 2007. PowerShrink can also extract all images from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files with just one click. Read the review here.

PPTshare File Compressor

PPTshare File Compressor optimizes and saves your PowerPoint presentation to a new file so that the original PowerPoint file is left unaltered. PPTshare compresses the graphics and embedded documents contained in the presentation. The optimized presentation can be then sent through e-mail with a single click. Read the review here.

Whichever third-party tool you use, do remember that most of these provide several extra features that may make it worth buying them. All of them also have trial versions so that you can actually work with them and ascertain their worthiness.


PowerPoint’s Automatic Compression

Most of the time, automatic compression in PowerPoint 2007 and higher versions can be a good thing. Sometimes though, it can become a problem area if you need to print to high-res quality, or if you need to create digital scrapbooks or photo albums in PowerPoint.

Learn more about working with this feature in the Disable Automatic Image Compression in Microsoft Office PowerPoint article on the Scrapbook Presentations site.


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