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10 Tips For Making Effective PowerPoint Presentations

We explore ten ideas to help you create better PowerPoint presentations.


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Here we have the top 10 tips for more effective PowerPoint presentations that will help you master the process and end up with the effective presentation that will get you the best results. These effective PowerPoint presentation tips have been used by experts from all over the world and they are special. They are something you can use on your every single presentation. We can say that each good PowerPoint presentation will have these elements incorporated so you can see the appeal and the overall result. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Create a Script First

This is the first and therefore the most important tip we have to reveal. All effective presentations start with a script that you will have to write. This is all about planning and creating the overall result you are going to be proud of. ''Always start with the most detailed script you can create. Then adapt it and polish it. Make it stunning and look as great as possible. I have been using this method for years and it always works perfectly.'' says Devin Smith, a full-time writer at with over 10 years of experience in writing and developing PowerPoint options.

Do Not Make Paragraphs

If you have been using the PowerPoint presentation writing service you will see that any effective PowerPoint presentation comes without any paragraphs. This is done because your slides are there to illustrate the thing you want to say. They are not there to explain the whole matter. The presentation writing should be more focused on the scripts than the slides. PowerPoint slides are there to help you, not to replace your story.

Effective PowerPoint Presentations
Image: Freepik Business Vectors

One Slide One Point

Regardless of the fact you are using a dark background or light background, one slide must contain just one piece of information. All the main points must be displayed on multiple slides. Avoid long sentences just in case. This is a common mistake most people make so we had to include it on the list. Forcing too much information and text in one slide is a huge mistake. You won’t be able to adjust the slides according to your story and people will get all the facts before you even say a thing about them.

Use Simple But Clever Design

A PowerPoint presentation doesn't have to look like a masterpiece. You need to be focused on functionality more. The goal is to format each slide as simple and easy as possible. Place dark text always on the white or light background. The text should be aligned to the right and key points need to be short. Decorative fonts you will see can be used on headings only. Font size should be just right. Images need to be in HD and follow a simple design.

Use Images But Not Clipart

In most cases, a great PowerPoint presentation will have HD photos as we have mentioned earlier. Well, you don't have to use them. Some of the best PowerPoint presentation tips are not to use any pics. It depends on you and the audience. Keep in mind that using clipart must be avoided at all costs. It has been used millions of times and doesn't work anymore. You will end up with a poor presentation. This is something every single presentation writing service already knows.

You Are Still The Key

A PowerPoint presentation is a tool nothing more. This means that you will still be at the center of attention the whole process. Think about how viewers will react and what they have to say, how they are going to do it. In other terms, imagine that you are in the audience and address yourself. This can be helpful in more words than we can describe.

Use a Hook

All great presentations use the same thing. All writers know that a well-written content must have a hook. This is something you will use to catch and intrigue the attention of the readers or people in this case. A hook must address emotions and must be powerful and strong. It has one goal only, to keep the people interested in what you have to say the whole time. Read some papers that were written by people with these skills and you will see the overall effect it has on the audience.

Be Original

Those who write PowerPoint presentations must and want to stay original and uniquely. We agree and believe that this is a very important tip and should be applied to each presentation. There are countless tips and options people have been using for these things. If you can make your one stand out from the crowd you are looking at instant success.

Ask The Audience

Ask the questions in your presentation design and always use the slide master feature. When these are used, your audience will stay intrigued for a long period of time and they will want to stay there to the end. It is of huge importance and a tip that will allow you to connect more with all the people in front of you. As such you can see the appeal and imagine the outcome.

Use New Templates

There are a lot of presentation templates you can use these days. Each one is ideal with bullet points. Well, you have to be original once again and use the latest, the most spectacular, and appealing. These can help you more than you can imagine and the results are just fantastic. There are always ideal ones that you can and should use right now. Just keep in mind that you will need the time to find them.

Use New Templates
Image: Freepik Business Vectors

The Final Word

All of these facts are essential and will have a huge, positive effect on the end result. You need to implement these in all your future projects just because staying ahead of others is important. As you can see these facts are simple and easy to understand hence this is something all of you can do right now.

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