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Explore Prezi’s new Nutshell app.


The folks at Prezi have created a new product that’s called Nutshell. Is this a presentation program? Or is it a video creator? Or is it a little bit of both and more? Let’s find out.

Until recently, Nutshell was in beta, but now anyone can sign up for it -- well, “sign up” is probably not the right word, because you actually first need to download the app on your phone or tablet. OK – did we forget to tell that Prezi is an app that runs on Apple iOS devices? As of now, Nutshell is iOS only, but they may release apps for other platforms too?

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the App Store on your iOS device, and search for Nutshell. You will find the Nutshell app, as shown in Figure 1, below. Click the Get button, highlighted in red within Figure 1.

    Install Nutshell on your iOS device
    Figure 1: Install Nutshell on your iOS device
  2. You may be asked to provide your Apple password. And then Nutshell will be installed – you know the installation is done when you see the Nutshell icon on your iOS device, as shown in Figure 2, below.

    Launch via the Nutshell icon
    Figure 2: Launch via the Nutshell icon
  3. When you tap on the Nutshell icon, this will load up the program. Remember that Nutshell essentially is an iPhone / iPod Touch program – and although you can install it on an iPad, it will still run in either a small window, or in a maximized state (see Figure 3, below).

    The Nutshell splash screen
    Figure 3: The Nutshell splash screen
  4. After the splash screen, Nutshell immediately asks you to click three pictures (see Figure 4). Although it may seem that you are clicking still pictures, you may end up clicking three small video clips. Just in case you want to abandon clicking pictures or videos at this point of time, you can click the Cancel button at the bottom left. Want to click selfies? Just click the Swap Camera icon on the bottom right.

    Get started clicking pictures and videos
    Figure 4: Get started clicking pictures and videos
  5. So, now go ahead and click three consecutive pictures – and then wait until Nutshell starts analyzing your content, and creates a preliminary video as shown in Figure 5, below.

    Nutshell is working
    Figure 5: Nutshell is working
  6. Your iOS device may thereafter ask you if you want Nutshell to access your location – unless you don’t want to reveal your location, just go ahead and allow (see Figure 6 below).

    Want to share your location
    Figure 6: Want to share your location?
  7. You will now be prompted to add text captions to your 3 captures (see Figure 7 below).

    Add captions as required
    Figure 7: Add captions as required
  8. To add more text or icon type graphics, click the orange Add button (see Figure 7 above) – this will bring up the screen you see in Figure 8, below. Add more content as required.

    Add more content
    Figure 8: Add more content
  9. Thereafter click the Play icon, highlighted in red within Figure 9 below to preview your Nutshell movie – this will change the Play icon into a Pause icon. Press Pause when done, and then click the Save option, as shown highlighted in blue within Figure 9.

    Preview and save
    Figure 9: Preview and save
  10. This will save your Nutshell movie, as shown in Figure 10, below.

    Movie being saved
    Figure 10: Movie being saved
  11. Now you will see options to further use your Nutshell movie, as shown in Figure 11, below. You can edit or delete the movie, save it, and also choose the Send to Prezi option that lets you share your content.

    Share your Nutshell movie
    Figure 11: Share your Nutshell movie
  12. You will be asked to connect via your Facebook or Google account, as shown in Figure 12, below. Choose any option – we chose the Facebook option.

    Connect via Facebook or Google
    Figure 12: Connect via Facebook or Google
  13. Now your Nutshell will be uploaded to be shared (see Figure 13).

    Uploaded and shared
    Figure 13: Uploaded and shared

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