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Before You Begin
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Before You Begin

Before we begin inserting SVG content into PowerPoint, copy the SVG file in the same folder as the actual PowerPoint PPT presentation file. This way, we will not have to enter a complete absolute path string later.

For my example, I've used a sample SVG file I created using Jasc's WebDraw application. It's a simple document with three shapes and two text strings. You can download it here. (right-click and choose Save Target As... or similar)

To preview any SVG file just double-click it or drag into an open Internet Explorer window, subject to the SVG Viewer being installed on your system.



  1. Open or create a new PowerPoint presentation. Save it in the same folder as your sample SVG file.

  2. Choose View -> Toolbars -> Control Toolbox - this will open the Control toolbar. This is how it looks in PowerPoint 2002. It may look different in your system.

  3. Near the bottom of this Control Toolbox, you'll find the 'More Controls' icon, represented by a hammer.

  4. Click on this icon to reveal a drop down list of available ActiveX controls.

  5. Click on the SVG Document option.

  6. Your cursor will change into a cross-hair - draw a rectangle anywhere on screen - don't bother about the size and location now - we'll take care of that later.

  7. Your rectangle will be invisible, since its only a placeholder - however, if you did not click anywhere, you'll find it surrounded by eight handles.

  8. Right-click anywhere inside the rectangle to reveal a fly-out menu. Choose the Properties option.

  9. The SVG Ctl Properties opens.

  10. Click on the blank cell next to the SRC option and just fill in the name of your SVG file - we need not enter any path since the SVG file has been preserved in the same folder as the presentation. Unfortunately, the Control automatically picks up the absolute path of the file, so you will have to re-edit the path if you were to change folders, drives or computers.

  11. Position and resize the control as required on the actual slide.

  12. You're done! You may want to try out the many other options included in the SVG Ctl properties box.



This is just an experiment. No support can be provided for the techniques listed here. Also, I don't suppose either Microsoft or Adobe would offer support on this subject.

However, both Microsoft, Adobe and other newsgroups are well visited and intelligent interactions are possible on both the forums.






Related Links

Microsoft's KB Article ID Q191531 shows how to create a shortcut for the ActiveMovie Activex Control.

There is a SVG Developers group available at e-Groups.

Long before Adobe, IBM created its own SVGView as parts of its AlphaWorks program.

The SVG Foundation provides links to many SVG related sites.


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