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The PowerPoint Ezine - 03

By: Geetesh Bajaj

Date Created:
Last Updated: March 2nd 2009

Product Showcase

Issue 03

Welcome to a new issue of the PowerPoint Ezine - a look at what's new, expected and established in the world of PowerPoint.

We begin by looking back at a time not so long ago - yet forgotten! It's about an initiative to collect all information possible to create a PowerPoint Memorabilia collection. Then we explore a great new impending PowerPoint add-in - the Image Importer Wizard. Next there's a spotlight on Austin Myer's new multimedia treatise for PowerPoint users. Finally, there will be a 'Goodies' section with every issue - this time there are free Marbled Backgrounds!


PowerPoint Memorabilia Project

PowerPoint version 1 made its debut in September 1987 - it was developed initially for the Apple Macintosh platform. In May 1990, Microsoft released PowerPoint 2 for Windows - the first Windows version.

Across deadlines and milestones - the PowerPoint juggernaut rolled on. The current PowerPoint version for Windows is PowerPoint 2000. For Mac users, there's the new PowerPoint on the block - PowerPoint 2001. And there's a newer version for Windows undergoing its development cycles. It's a great time to look back fondly at past versions.

I'm sure many of you are longtime PowerPoint users and have many memories slashed away somewhere in a part of your brain, on a piece of paper, or elsewhere. Those memories are important.

Indezine is launching the PowerPoint Memorabilia Project - which will strive to collect input from all of you. Such input will result in a web page at Indezine - designed like a walk down memory lane.

Several such projects are planned - these include a screen saver, a chronology, sample presentations, an art gallery, and more... 

Every mail can help. Every contribution will be credited. I'll post more information in the next issue of this ezine.


Image Importer Wizard

On the anvil of release anytime now, the Image Importer Wizard (hereafter, IIW) is a  result of Shyam Pillai's initiative and insight.

As the name suggests, IIW imports visual formats like JPG, BMP, et al into a PowerPoint presentation. I'm sure that sounds like a very basic description - but what makes this add-in special is the amount of customization and automation it provides in the entire importing process.

The interface is a series of five screens in a wizard style - not unlike PowerPoint's own auto content wizard.

Initial screens allow you to choose input into a single or multiple slides and to decide scaling, resize and positional aspects. Many of these settings can be saved for future use.

IIW also allows you to search a folder with/without spanning sub folders for graphic files. Graphic imports handled include JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIF, WMF, EMF and EPS - not as wide a range as PowerPoint allows, but sufficient indeed to cover all bases.

You can further refine such searches to only choose images you can select - for final import into a new or existing PowerPoint presentation. The entire process is painless and intuitive.

Watch out for more details!

Shyam Pillai is a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP renowned for his expertise in combining PowerPoint with VBA programming. His site is an excellent resource and a 'must-visit' for anyone interested in PowerPoint VBA programming:

Shyam has permitted me to allow a direct email contact here, so you can send an email to:

[email protected]


PowerPoint And Multimedia

Austin Myers has written his long awaited multimedia treatise for PowerPoint users. The tutorial makes a great reading material - and is penned in a lucid, informal style. It covers multimedia players, codecs, initialization files, great tips, ideas and more...

It is available online at more than one place, including the Indezine site. The URL:


Marbled Backgrounds

Years ago, I remember spilling paints on a tub of water -making patterns with the paint - hoping the designs thus created do not disintegrate! And finally, passing a sheet of white paper underneath to capture the design on the medium.

I tried to emulate the patterns on a virtual canvas this time - and the results are a series of 10 exclusive PowerPoint backgrounds - free to download - for all of you.


These are free to use as you please, but read more details in a document which is part of the downloaded archive.

I hope to provide new freebies with every subsequent issue of the PowerPoint Ezine. Do let me know about how you used them - or any other experience you would like to share!


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