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Slice and Animate Pictures

Learn how to slice and animate pictures in PowerPoint.


Product/Version: PowerPoint

OS: Windows 7 and higher

You can crop pictures in PowerPoint, and of course you can animate them. But as you may observe frequently in life, synergy yields results that exceed the mere sum of two or more initiatives. And that's true in a way for the technique we will explore on this page, we call this Slice and Animate. The two techniques being used for this synergy are cropping pictures and adding animation. Follow these steps to learn more:

  1. Open a new or existing presentation, and insert a picture on a blank slide. Figure 1, below shows a selected picture.

    Picture selected
    Figure 1: Picture selected
  2. Now, make the Guides visible, as shown in Figure 2. Note that the guides by default span to intersect exactly at the center of the slide (refer to Figure 2 again).

    Guides made visible
    Figure 2: Guides made visible
  3. Duplicate the selected image three time so that it makes four copies of the photo, as shown in Figure 3.

    Make copies of the picture
    Figure 3: Make copies of the picture

    Tip: Use the Ctrl+D keyboard shortcut to duplicate selected objects such as a picture within PowerPoint versions on Windows. If you are using a Mac version of PowerPoint, use Command+D instead.
  4. Select all the four pictures (original plus three duplicated copies), and align them in a way so that each of them is placed over the other.

    Tip: Select all pictures and choose the Align Top and Align Left options.
  5. Now select the top most picture and access the Picture Tools Format contextual tab on the Ribbon. Click the Crop button, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 4.

    Crop button
    Figure 4: Crop button
  6. When you click the Crop button, dark crop handles appear on the edge of the picture, as shown on Figure 5.

    Result of applying Crop option on a picture
    Figure 5: Result of applying Crop option on a picture
  7. Now, select the bottom-right corner handle (highlighted in red within Figure 5), press and hold Shift key while you drag the handle inward to the diagonally opposite side of the handle. Drag up till where the guides intersect at the center of the slide, as shown in Figure 6.

    Picture being croped
    Figure 6: Picture being cropped
  8. In Figure 7, below you can see that the picture is cropped to a quarter of its original size. Click anywhere on the slide to get out of crop mode.

    Picture cropped
    Figure 7: Picture cropped
  9. Similarly select the other corner handles (of other pictures) and crop them to the opposite directions, make sure you press and hold Shift key. Figure 8 shows the final result of the pictures. Note that all the four pictures are cropped and now are individual cropped images on the slide giving an illusion of being one picture.

    All pictures cropped
    Figure 8: All pictures cropped
  10. Now, you can apply animation to these individual cropped pictures. The sample presentations below provide an idea of the end result.
Jamie Garroch

Want to slide a picture into quarters without having to do it all manually? It's easy if you use some VBA code provided by Jamie Garroch. Find it on his Quartering Pictures in PowerPoint with a macro page. Don't know how to use VBA code? Explore our VBA Scripts in PowerPoint page.

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