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About Jigsaw Maker 2
Download and Installation
Using Jigsaw Maker 2
Pricing and Support


Jigsaws can add a whole new level of interest to a PowerPoint slide, especially if the jigsaw shapes are cleverly placed and animated. However easy it might be to create something like this from scratch in PowerPoint, it cannot be as easy as Jigsaw Maker, the PowerPoint add-in that I am reviewing today.


About Jigsaw Maker 2

Jigsaw Maker 2 is from PowerPoint Alchemy, a company based in UK. You can learn more about Jigsaw Maker 2 and download the demo version from their site.

The add-in enables you to make jigsaws in PowerPoint. Any picture can be inserted and trimmed into jigsaw shapes. The jigsaw shapes can be moved and resized -- and you can use PowerPoint's picture adjustment options.

Jigsaw Maker works in PowerPoint 2007, PowerPoint 2003, and earlier versions on Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc.

My contact at Jigsaw maker 2 for this review was John Wilson - thank you, John.


Download and Installation

Download the installer from the their site, run the setup routine and follow the instructions.

When installed, the add-in creates an Jigsaw toolbar within PowerPoint as shown in Figure 1 -- if you don't find it there choose View | Toolbars | JSaw.

  • Jigsaw Toolbar
    Figure 1: Jigsaw Toolbar
  • In PowerPoint 2007 (and higher), Jigsaw Maker shows up in the Add-in tab of the Ribbon.


    Using Jigsaw Maker 2

    When installed, follow these steps to create a jigsaw puzzle in PowerPoint:

    1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint, and click the magic wand button in JSaw toolbar, as shown in Figure 2.
    2. Magic wand
      Figure 2: Magic wand
    3. When clicked, this opens the dialog box that you can see in Figure 3.
    4. What size and type of jigsaw?
      Figure 3: What size and type of jigsaw?
    5. The dialog box has options to choose the size and the type of puzzle.
    6. Size

    7. Choose the number of jigsaw pieces.
    8. Type of Puzzle

    9. Choose different fill options such as, solid fill, picture with background fill, picture with semi transparent fill and the only picture.
    10. Click OK to apply the selections.
    11. If you choose the picture option you will be taken to an open picture dialog as shown in Figure 4. Choose the picture you need and click OK.
    12. Choose a picture
      Figure 4: Choose a picture
    13. This creates the jigsaw puzzle shapes out of the selected picture, as shown in Figure 5.
    14. Jigsaw
      Figure 5: Jigsaw
    Note: Animation and text boxes are added by default; you can delete them or change them as required.
  • Pricing and Support

  • Jigsaw Maker 2 costs $25.50.
  • Support is through e mail.
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  • Conclusion

  • Jigsaw Maker is a one-trick add-in that makes creating jigsaws as easy as click and go. If you need to create jigsaws a few times each year, this can be money well spent.
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