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Wondershare Filmora

Let us explore Filmora, a quick video creation tool from Wondershare.


Video is the most powerful, pervasive, and performance-oriented media these days. No wonder then that everyone wants to upload videos to share on their sites, or on social media, or even upload via YouTube. In fact, many videos end up on your phone these days as attachments for WhatsApp and other social chat platforms. The problem though is the actual creation. Video creation is a time-consuming process, and is not typically very easy to achieve when you want high-quality results. Our review product, Wondershare Filmora can help.

Filmora is from Wondershare, a company based in Guangdong, China that creates media programs. You can download a trial version of Filmora from their site. My contact at Wondershare for this review was Flora - thank you, Flora.

Follow these steps to see a quick walkthrough of using Filmora:

  1. Download the trial version or purchase a licensed version of Filmora, and run the install program, as shown in Figure 1, below.

    Install Filmora
    Figure 1: Install Filmora

    Once you finish installing, Filmora prompts you to run the program for the first time (see Figure 2).

    Run Filmora
    Figure 2: Run Filmora
  2. You next see the Create New Movie dialog. We selected the 16:9 resolution option, and also opted for Filmora’s Easy Mode (see Figure 3).

    Choose a resolution and a mode
    Figure 3: Choose a resolution and a mode

    You will also see the Action Cam Tool and Full Feature Mode options; we will explore these options later in this review.
  3. You now see the interface shown in Figure 4.

    The interface
    Figure 4: The interface
  4. Within this interface, we clicked the Import option to bring up the window you see in Figure 5. We found a folder with pictures, and selected them all to be imported into Filmora. Note that Filmora allows import of popular picture and video file formats.

    Import media
    Figure 5: Import media

    You can see the imported pictures within Filmora now, as can be seen in Figure 6, below.

    Media imported within Filmora
    Figure 6: Media imported within Filmora
  5. We clicked the Next button on the bottom right to proceed to select a Theme. You can choose any of the available Themes, and some may be downloaded once selected. We chose the Old Days Theme (see Figure 7).

    Select a Theme
    Figure 7: Select a Theme
  6. Clicking the Next button now gets you to the Select Music screen, shown in Figure 8. You can select and preview built-in clips here (some music may download automatically), or even import your music. Once done, click the Next button.

    Select music
    Figure 8: Select music
  7. You will now see a preview of your video (see Figure 9). If you like the preview, all you need to do is click the Next option and save/share your video clip. If needed, you can go back to any of the earlier screens and make changes.

    Preview your video
    Figure 9: Preview your video
  8. In the final saving/sharing screen (see Figure 10), choose from options that let you decide where you want to use the video (Device, Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.) and choose a file format (WMV, MP4, AVI, GIF, MOV, FLV, 3GP, and many more), and click the Export button.

    Share your video
    Figure 10: Share your video
  9. Filmora will now start rendering your video (see Figure 11).

    Render video
    Figure 11: Render video

Filmora has a very well-equipped ActionCam Tool, shown in Figure 12, below. This tool is especially geared for action camera market. This brand new tool has the capability of Lens distortion correction, Video Stabilization, Audio De-noise, Advanced Speed Control (slow-mo, fast-mo, replay, reverse and freeze frame), as well as color correction.

ActionCam Tool
Figure 12: ActionCam Tool

Filmora also has a Full Feature Mode (we explored Easy Mode) shown in Figure 13 that lets you dive in deeper and save your video projects.

Full Feature Mode
Figure 13: Full Feature Mode

The Instant Cutter option (see Figure 14) lets you trim or merge clips quickly with no quality loss, and thereafter instantly export the resultant videos. It supports various video file formats including H.264 encoded MP4, MOV and MTS videos shot by Action Cams, Phones, and Home AVCHD Camcorders.

Instant Cutter
Figure 14: Instant Cutter

Wondershare’s Filmora is an amazing tool, and it lets almost anyone create a fairly professional video clip that can be easily shared. It costs just $59.99 for a perpetual, lifetime license and an annual license is also available for $39.99. Filmora extends with new Themes and effects available from the Effects Store (see Figure 15).

Effects Store
Figure 15: Effects Store

Filmora is more than just a video editor; it's a complete environment that lets you create, edit, and share your videos seamlessly.

Use Filmora for a while and you will find this video tool to be a worthy investment.

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