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Tanida Demo Builder 11

Read the Indezine review of Tanida Demo Builder 11, a product that allows you to capture onscreen activities as videos, which can them be edited and shared.


About Demo Builder
Download and Installation
Using Demo Builder
Pricing and Support


You may have seen many tutorials online, especially on YouTube and video learning sites like Udemy and that show you how you can use a particular feature within a program through a screen recording accompanied by annotations and voice. This approach, of course, is an alternative that many users prefer rather than going through a textual series of steps. But how can you create such video demos on your own?

Demo Builder 11 from Tanida provides just what you want. It is an easy way to create tutorials, presentations or demonstrations that show how software and systems work. Demo Builder 11 works well for generating the demos you require to teach, train, or sell.


About Demo Builder

Demo Builder 11 is from Tanida Inc., a company based in Toronto, Canada that also creates e-learning software for home and office use. You can learn more about Demo Builder, and download a 15-day trial version from their site.

My contact at Demo Builder for this review was Dan Tatomir - thank you, Dan.


Download and Installation

You can download an installer for their 15-day trial from their siteā€”or you can buy a licensed version of the product. Run the setup routine and follow the instructions explained.

This will create a new Demo Builder option within the Start menu as shown in Figure 1.

Demo Builder 11 option
Figure 1: Demo Builder 11 option


Using Demo Builder

Follow these step to use Demo Builder:

  1. Go to your Start menu and click the Demo Builder 11 option (see Figure 1 above).
  2. This opens the Tanida Demo Builder opening screen, as shown in Figure 2.

    Tanida Demo Builder opening screen

    Figure 2: Tanida Demo Builder opening screen

    Here you can choose from four options to create a new movie. You can also choose to view an existing project from the Samples listed. The Training section of this screen includes links to the tutorials to help you in the process. We decided to create a new movie, and chose the Record the screen option.
  3. This brings up a red box that represents the area to be recorded, as shown in Figure 3. You can resize this area as needed.

    Capturing onscreen activity
    Figure 3: Capturing onscreen activity

    You will see various recording options within the top-left corner of the red rectangle (see Figure 3 again). These options are explained below as marked in Figure 4:

    Capturing onscreen activity
    Figure 4: Capturing onscreen activity

    1. Record: Click this option to start recording.

    2. Fit To: Selecting this option opens a drop-down menu listing all active applications on your screen as shown in Figure 5. Select the application that you want to record , and your recording dimensions will change to the window size of the chosen application.

      List of active applications
      Figure 5: List of active applications

    3. Width and Height: You can select from a list of preset width:height proportions or enter width and height values manually to set the recording screen dimension.

    4. Take screen shots: If you select this option, Demo Builder captures images when a change occurs on the screen you are recording. You also have the option of also manually forcing a screenshot.

    5. Full-Motion Recording: Recommended for applications where changes in the screen happen quickly and for instances where you want to capture such things as drag and drop, screen resizing, animated GIFs, or even full motion movies.

    6. Record Voice-Over Narration: Select to record voice narration at capture time.

    7. Record System Sound: Enable to record system sounds at capture time.

    8. Options: Brings up the Recording Options dialog box as shown in Figure 6 that includes various setting options for the recording. You can choose various customization settings in this tabbed dialog box.

      Recording Options dialog box
      Figure 6: Recording Options dialog box
  4. Once all settings are customized, click the Record button, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 7. Click the OK button in the resulting, optional window, also shown highlighted in blue within Figure 7. The recording will now commence. All your onscreen activity is now captured to a Demo Builder project.

    Recording your onscreen activity
    Figure 7: Recording your onscreen activity
  5. To pause the recording, press the Pause button shown highlighted in red within Figure 8, below. You will also find the End Recording button, highlighted in blue. Pressing this button will stop your recording.

    Pause or stop your recording
    Figure 8: Pause or stop your recording
  6. When you stop the recording, you will see a window as shown in Figure 9 where you will be provided with the options to preview, export, and share the recording. You can also add new scenes to the recording at this stage. You can double-click the thumbnail here to access the options to fine-tune the recording.

    Recording Options dialog box
    Figure 9: Recording Options dialog box


Pricing and Support

Demo Builder 11 costs US$199. An educational license costs US$149.

Support options include email support, FAQ , phone support, tutorials, and an online forum.



Demo Builder 11 is an accomplished onscreen capture program that can create fantastic video demos, and has plenty of options to edit the recordings, and export to a range of file format types.


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