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by Geetesh Bajaj, April 7, 2015

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Overcoming Clichés in Pictures
Overcoming Clichés in Pictures

How many times have you seen the same globe visual used within a slide, or even a picture of shaking hands? Or a picture of a phone operator, or even some people smiling while working in an office? These are clichés, but clichés on their own are not bad as a starting point to evolve further. Don't stop there though -- and don't decide that you have reached a conclusion with that predictable visual thought -- in fact, there is not one but four ways to discover more original thoughts that go beyond clichés!

Learn about clichés in using common pictures, and how you can overcome them
Add Glossy Highlights for Shapes in PowerPoint
Add Glossy Highlights for Shapes in PowerPoint

Have you seen a glossy highlight that is overlaid on the screens of electronic devices such as tablets, laptops, screens, or even phones? You can see an example of this effect in the adjacent figure -- the tablet on the left has no such glossy highlight but the tablet on the right does! It's easy to create this glossy highlight in PowerPoint -- even better, you can just create a shape that represents this glossy highlight -- and then use it anywhere you want!

Learn how to add glossy highlights for shapes in PowerPoint
Prezi Nutshell
Prezi Nutshell

The folks at Prezi have created a new product that's called Nutshell. Is this a presentation program? Or is it a video creator? Or is it a little bit of both and more? Let's find out. Until recently, Nutshell was in beta, but now anyone can sign up for it -- well, "sign up" is probably not the right word, because you actually first need to download the app on your phone or tablet. OK - did we forget to tell that Prezi is an app that runs on Apple iOS devices? As of now, Nutshell is iOS only, but they may release apps for other platforms too?

Explore Prezi's new Nutshell app
emaze's PitchUp'15: Conversation with Anat Richter
Anat Richter

Anat Richter is Content Marketing Director at emaze. When she isn't tapping away in its Tel Aviv offices, she is documenting life on the web as a user and a guest blogger. In this conversation, Anat discusses emaze's new PitchUp'15 challenge.

Read the conversation here
Learn PowerPoint 2013 for Windows: Text
PowerPoint 2013 for Windows Tutorials

Set Text Indentation Using Numerical Values

When your text paragraphs comprise multiple bulleted levels, you can just use the defaults that PowerPoint provides -- this takes care of all paragraph indentation issues. However, to have more control you have to use your own indentation values -- this option makes your text look consistent and clear, as per your needs. Indent Markers visible on the Ruler are probably the easiest way to achieve such structured results. However, this method does not let you precisely position the indentation since you just drag and pull the Indent Markers rather than setting them up via an exact numerical value. Fortunately, you can also set indentation using set numerical values.
Selecting and Changing Text

Although PowerPoint does include options to use pictures, SmartArt, charts, sounds, and even video clips, we rarely see presentations that have no text at all. Nothing conveys a message better than text, and even pictures do need captions in the form of text. In PowerPoint, several slide objects can include text -- these include text placeholders, text boxes, shapes, tables, SmartArt, charts, etc. In this tutorial though, we are only exploring selecting and editing text within text placeholders, text boxes, and shapes.
Format Text Attributes Within the Mini Toolbar

Text in PowerPoint presentation needs to be edited in many ways -- sometimes you need certain words to be in a different color, or even bold, italics, or underlined. Whatever the option required to format your text, you'll find that the Mini Toolbar is a great location to do these changes easily -- it really saves you from dragging your cursor repeatedly to the Ribbon area since it pops up right next to the selected text that you want to format.

Learn PowerPoint 2013 for Windows: Sections
PowerPoint 2013 for Windows Tutorials

Viewing Sections

If you have a presentation with a large Section, containing many slides, then you may find that this one Section makes it difficult to see all the other remaining Sections - this is because these many slides cover up so much screen real estate making it difficult for you to see other stuff, such as slides in other Sections. And if you want to drag a slide between the one Section to another, you may be at a loss to comprehend what you will end up with. So to counter this problem, you can collapse and expand single and multiple Sections, as explained in this tutorial.

Learn PowerPoint 2013 for Windows: Troubleshooting
PowerPoint 2013 for Windows Tutorials

Missing Mini Toolbar

Is your Mini Toolbar in PowerPoint 2013 missing altogether? Well, the Mini Toolbar is a great interface option that lets you quickly choose text formatting options, and since it shows up right next to the selected text, it is certainly very convenient -- and there's no reason why you should not have this Mini Toolbar at your beck and call whenever you need it!

Learn PowerPoint 2010 for Windows: Custom Shows
PowerPoint 2013 for Windows Tutorials

Playing Custom Shows

After creating Custom Slide Shows, you would like to view them or present them to your audience. Of course you can access the Custom Shows dialog box, and then select a show and then choose to play it -- but that's a long process indeed. In this tutorial, we will show how you can access the same Custom Show more easily. And, we will also show you how you can set any Custom Show as the default within a presentation -- this means that when you actually play your presentation in Slide Show view, only the slides within the Custom Show you select will be shown!
Tips for Custom Shows

You might have created many Custom Shows and played them. If you have heard about it, and want to learn more about this amazing PowerPoint feature, these tips will help you get more from your Custom Shows in PowerPoint 2010.

Learn PowerPoint 2010 for Windows: Sections
PowerPoint 2013 for Windows Tutorials

Reordering Sections

Sections in PowerPoint are not just meant for managing your slides easily, but they can also help you quickly reorder large sets of adjacent slides. For example, you can create a Section including all slides you want to reorder, and then move that Section along with all the slides that it contains to the required position. In this tutorial we'll show you how you can reorder Sections within PowerPoint 2010.

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