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by Geetesh Bajaj, February 18th 2014

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Flip PowerPoint Professional: The Indezine Review

Flip PowerPoint Professional: The Indezine Review So much hard work goes into creating presentation slides in PowerPoint -- that's the reason why many users want to repurpose their PowerPoint content to make elearning content, online presentations, screen savers and even ebooks. And our review product today goes a step further and lets you create page-flipping ebooks. Flip PowerPoint Professional opens your existing PowerPoint slides, and then provides you extra elements to design consulting quality documents.

Read the Indezine review

SketchDeck: Conversation with Chris Finneral

Chris FinneralChris Finneral is CEO and Co-Founder of SketchDeck. Previously he was a consultant at McKinsey & Company in London. During his time at McKinsey he made thousands of PowerPoint slides and felt firsthand how painful and time consuming it was to make good slides in PowerPoint. McKinsey had an outsourced slide design service where you could email sketches of slides and have perfect PowerPoint slides in your inbox the next morning. This was invaluable. SketchDeck was created to bring this service to everyone. In this conversation, Chris discusses SketchDeck.

Read the conversation here

PowerPoint 2013 on Touch: Selecting Shapes

PowerPoint 2013 on Touch: Selecting Shapes Unlike previous versions, PowerPoint 2013 and also Word and Excel versions of Office 2013 are completely touch-aware. Almost all options are accessible on any of the touch-capable devices, including Microsoft's own Surface tablets. In this tutorial we'll explore how you can select one or multiple shapes using various touch gestures. Do remember that although we show you selection procedures using shapes as an example, you can select almost any other slide object including pictures, text boxes, etc. in the same way.

Learn how to select shapes while using PowerPoint 2013 on a touch device

PowerPoint 2013 on Touch: Using the Touch Floatie

PowerPoint 2013 on Touch: Using the Touch FloatieMost of you are aware of mini toolbars in PowerPoint 2013 (also in Word and Excel). These show up with several options that let you alter text or shape attributes. However, if you are using Office 2013 on a touch device such as Microsoft Surface, you'll see floaties which are quite similar to the mini toolbars -- they are different too because they have fewer options, and are also equipped with larger buttons so that you can tap on them easily.

Learn how to use the touch floatie in PowerPoint 2013

PowerPoint 2011 TutorialsLearn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

Attributing and Positioning Callouts
Callouts allow you to do so much. You can create pointers, add text indications and also create comic-book style speech and thought balloons. Combine them with illustrations or photos of characters (both human or animal) and you will create something that will attract the attention of your audience. Among the 16 Callout shapes available in PowerPoint, all cannot be used for text and thought balloons -- most of the time, you will use 4 of these options. While Rectangular Callout, Rounded Rectangular Callout, and Oval Callout shapes are speech balloons, the Cloud Callout is essentially a thought balloon.
Format Callouts
Various Callout shapes available in PowerPoint can be impactors that convey a message, but only when used wisely. You need to attribute and position the callout properly so that your audience does not get lost. Just like any other PowerPoint shape, Callouts take default formatting attributes from the Theme applied to the presentation. You can change their fill and/or outline and also apply a shape effect to them in the same way as you would do for any PowerPoint shape.

PowerPoint 2011 TutorialsLearn PowerPoint 2013 for Windows

Creating Half Circle
An Indezine reader asked a long time ago if one could create three circles next to each other, and make sure that they looked like this: The leftmost circle should be filled-in completely, the second circle should be half full, and the third and the rightmost circle should have no fill, to represent something that is empty. Let's now explore how to create a visual of this sort.
Text within Shapes
Text is probably the most important element on your PowerPoint slides! You may have heard the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words, but more often than not, that picture needs a caption to be understood better -- and even when there are no captions, a narrative is required. And that narrative is text too. Text can be added almost everywhere within PowerPoint slides -- from placeholders and text boxes to the Notes pane. Additionally, you can also add and edit text within any shapes as long as they are closed.
Align Text within Shapes / Text Boxes
After adding text within a shape (or a text box) in PowerPoint 2013, you can also perform basic edits like adding, deleting, or replacing existing text. Other than the basic text editing you can even control how your text is placed within the shape. To do that you need to access these options within the Format Shape Task Pane.

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Presenting from Your iPad - Living in the Unique World of Mobile Presentations (Webinar)

Geetesh Bajaj

Geetesh Bajaj, Founder of Indezine and one of only 39 Microsoft awarded PowerPoint MVP experts in the world applies his PowerPoint expertise to the unique new world of iPad presentations.

Easy-to-use, instant-on, lightweight, high-def, & portable, iPads are the tablets of choice for mobile professionals. And with them comes a host of new presentation challenges.

Geetesh will help you discover how to leverage the unique capabilities of technology's hottest new product to make your presentations more effective, more powerful, and more memorable.

Wed, Feb 26, 2014
12:00 PM ET

Presenter: Geetesh Bajaj

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