by Geetesh Bajaj, November 6th 2012
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Handmade Slides: Sticky Tape

Handmade Slides: Sticky Tape

These "sticky tape" graphics are ready-made segments that can be used within your PowerPoint slides to create a look that makes a picture, shape, or anything else appear as if it has been stuck on a surface, board, or wall with tape! Some color and transparency variations of these sticky tape segments are already contained within the sample presentation that you download. Just copy them and paste them on your slides.

Handmade Slides: Sticky Tape Handmade Slides: Sticky Tape
Download these sticky tapes, and use them in your slides.

Handmade Slides: Transparent Texture Backgrounds in PowerPoint 2010

Transparent Texture Backgrounds

PowerPoint provides umpteen Themes that can be applied to enhance the look of your slides. However, you'll soon get tired of all the ready-made Themes and their associated Background Styles because not only is everyone using the same Themes, but most of these verge on the geometric rather than organic look. The key is to make your slides appear "handmade" so that they stand apart. This tutorial leads you steps to change a plain background into something that's more personal.

Explore how you can apply a transparent texture background in PowerPoint 2010.

Learn PowerPoint 2013 for Windows: Super Themes

Learn PowerPoint 2013 for Windows: Super ThemesWhen you create a presentation in PowerPoint 2013, you'll notice that the aspect ratio is always 16:9, which is the new default -- if you just accept these defaults, then all your slides will be in widescreen (16:9) rather than normal (4:3) aspect ratios. All these new slides use colors, effects, fonts, etc, derived from the active Theme. In PowerPoint 2013, each of the new Themes has four variants built-in -- to explore these variants, access the Design tab of the Ribbon and you'll see a new group called Variants. These variants are actually separate Themes!

Explore the new Super Themes in PowerPoint 2013.

Handmade Slides: Frame Corners for PowerPoint - 01

Handmade Slides: Frame Corners for PowerPointThese ready-made frame corners are already within PowerPoint slides -- and have been provided in both black and white colors. Both variations are contained within two separate slides in one presentation that you can download.
Just copy them and paste individual frame corners over your inserted pictures. Make sure you place them on the top-left corner of your pictures. For the other three corners, duplicate these frame corners, and rotate them.

Download and use these frame corners in your slides.

Learn PowerPoint 2010 for Windows: Text Transforms

Learn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac: Bulleted and Numbered Lists

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