by Geetesh Bajaj, October 9th 2012
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PowerPoint Concept Slides: Segment Square, Pentagon, and Hexagon

These Segment graphics are part of our Segment Polygons series -- this week, we bring you a Square, a Pentagon, and a Hexagon divided into four, five, and six equal segments respectively. Each individual segment is a separate shape that can be filled in with a picture, a gradient, a solid fill, or any of the other PowerPoint fill types.

Animation Guidelines

Animation Guidelines

Animation is movement -- and nothing captures attention of the human eye like a 'little' movement. More movement does not get more attention -- in fact too much animation results in distraction. Even if you decide to use just a wee bit of animation, that can still be an approach that will go astray if your animation is not relevant to your slide content. Also animation needs to be part of your story -- something that you plan from the moment you develop your slide content -- and not something that you add at the last moment to bring in some pizzazz! Clearly there are a few guidelines that you must be aware of before using any animation in your slides -- here are some thoughts to get you started.

Explore guidelines that will help you use animation more effectively in your slides.

Learn PowerPoint 2013: Change Presentation Aspect Ratio from Widescreen to Standard (and Vice Versa)

Learn PowerPoint 2013: Change Presentation Aspect Ratio from Widescreen to Standard (and Vice Versa)

We already explored how PowerPoint 2013 defaults to widescreen slides in all new presentations. However, you can change your presentation's aspect ratio from widescreen (16:9) to standard (4:3) -- and also do the reverse. PowerPoint 2013 has some features up its sleeve that make these changes of aspect ratios easier to understand -- and some quirks too! This tutorial will help you understand both scenarios better.

Learn how to change a presentation's aspect ratio from Widescreen to Standard (and vice versa) in PowerPoint 2013.

Learn PowerPoint 2013 for Windows: Set Standard 4:3 Aspect Ratio as Default

PowerPoint 2013: Widescreen Defaults

In previous tutorials, we explored and complained about how PowerPoint 2013 has made widescreen (16:9) as the default aspect ratio for new presentations. Although you can change all these new presentations from widescreen (16:9) to standard (4:3) aspect ratio quite easily, it can be a pain to remember doing so each time you create a new presentation! Of course, if you are happy with 16:9 slides, then you need not read the rest of this tutorial -- for everyone else, we'll show how you can set your default aspect ratio to standard (4:3).

Learn how to set the standard 4:3 aspect ratio as the default for new presentations in PowerPoint 2013.

Learn PowerPoint 2010 for Windows: Presentation Properties and WordArt

Learn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac: Text and Fonts

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