by Geetesh Bajaj, September 18th 2012
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PowerPoint Animation: Alarm Clock

PowerPoint Animation: Alarm Clock    PowerPoint Animation: Alarm Clock
This sample presentation includes 3 animated clocks that are equipped with old-fashioned alarm bells that ring after either 1, 2, or 5 minutes -- depending upon the clock you choose! Use these in a quiz session, a quick break, or adapt them to run a longer time and use for an assignment time -- or even a lunch or tea break! These clocks have been created using basic PowerPoint shapes and are made Theme aware so that when you copy them to your presentation, they appear in harmony with the overall appearance of your slide content.

Handmade Slides: Using Scanned Pictures

Handmade Slides: Using Scanned Pictures Using pictures in your slides does not mean that you are limited to using photographs from stock photo houses. You can certainly use your own camera -- either a digital camera or even the camera built within your phone to source your own pictures. You can also look at some unconventional sources, such as a scanner. A scanner? Yes, that's a device that several of us have not used for many years now -- but if you have one of these devices attached to your computer, do consider it as a source of visual content.

Featured Stories

Outstanding Presentations Workshop 2012: Conversation with Ellen Finkelstein
Ellen Finkelstein Ellen Finkelstein is a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP and author of several PowerPoint, Flash, and AutoCAD books -- she just announced the third series of her Outstanding Presentations Workshop, a webinar series that allows everyone to learn from renowned presentation experts. In this conversation, Ellen talks more about this new webinar series.
Paul Ryan - Criticize and Propose: by Jerry Weissman
Jerry Weissman In 2007, Ryan Lizza, the Washington correspondent for New Yorker magazine, wrote a comprehensive profile of Barack Obama when he was an up and coming Illinois state legislator, called "Can Barack Obama Catch Hillary Clinton?" In 2008, Barack Obama caught Hillary Clinton and kept running—all the way to the Oval Office. In the August 6, 2012 issue of The New Yorker, Mr. Lizza wrote a comprehensive profile of up and coming Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan. Five days later, on August 11, 2012, Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate for president, announced that Mr. Ryan was \ his choice for his vice-presidential candidate.
Yes, this article is about politics – but it is also about presenting!
Zenler Studio: Conversation with Tom Burton
Tom Burton Tom Burton is VP Business Development at Zenler. Tom is responsible for developing North American markets for Zenler's eLearning authoring tools as well as Learning Management Systems. Tom also chips in as one of Zenler's community managers. Tom has extensive sales background and eLearning is his big area of interest and he blogs often on e-Learning. Zenler's products include Zenler Studio eLearning Authoring Tool and Zenler Online Learning Management System. In this conversation, Tom discusses how existing PowerPoint users can use Zenler Studio, and about delivering the created content through devices such as the iPad.
SlideCrafters: Conversation with Jason Abraham
Jason Abraham Jason Abraham is the founder of SlideCrafters, a company that he created with a mission to provide everyday presenters with tools to quickly create professional quality slide decks. Jason has authored reports and presentations for global organizations as a Management Consultant. Upon leaving consulting, Jason felt the need to share the same tools and enablers to help the average presenter create compelling stories with visual content. In this conversation, Jason discusses his company, SlideCrafters and shares some thoughts on creating better slides.

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