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by Geetesh Bajaj, March 16th 2009

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Indezine SumTotal Webinar: Recording Available

The recording of this webinar is now available from the Toolbook site:

PowerPoint meets ToolBook

Clicking the link above will download a VCM (Interwise Participant Recorded WebCast) file to your system that needs the Interwise Participant software to view.

PowerPoint Rebellion: One Professor's Pioneering Experimentation with Interactivity

This article by Robert Lane and Dr. C. June Maker explores how the human brain handles visual input and the implications for PowerPoint presentations. We recommend eliminating most of those carefully thought-out words on slides and replacing them with certain kinds of rich imagery.

Robert Lane  Dr. C. June Maker

Doing so efficiently feeds the brain what it likes to see, and allows you to communicate messages in ways not possible with words alone.

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TrainSignal Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Training: The Indezine Review

On the surface, PowerPoint looks like an easy program to learn -- in fact, plenty of users have been able to create PowerPoint content within a few minutes of starting using this program -- and most of them then believe that they are now PowerPoint savvy. Nothing can be further from the truth -- unfortunately, most users will never be aware of the fact that behind its simple interface, PowerPoint provides tons of features and options that make creating and delivering everyday presentations so much easier and rewarding. Clearly, there is a need for some well designed and conceptualized PowerPoint training.

This review looks at one such offering from Train Signal's CBT (computer based training) on PowerPoint 2007.

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FILEminimizer Office 5.0: The Indezine Review

In the last few years, there have been a spate of products that offer compression and optimization for PowerPoint presentation file formats. Many of these do an awesome job, making PowerPoint files more lean and compact, and easier to share. Now the next generation of these products does the same compression and optimization for many more file formats including the ones introduced in Microsoft Office 2007. Our review product, FILEminimizer Office is one of them.

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Instant Effects Presenter v3.5: Conversation with Don Brittain

Don BrittainDon Brittain is CEO and a founder of Instant Effects, a California company that develops software to visually enhance presentations, communications, and collaboration. In this conversation, Don discusses the new v3.5 release of Instant Effects Presenter.

Geetesh: What’s different in this release of Presenter v3.5, and what are “brandable” themes?

Don: The Presenter product line is known for producing very fluid presentations from content authored in PowerPoint. In addition to the large number of included professional looks, 3D artists have always been able to add fully-branded backgrounds, transitions, and logo treatments to Presenter by using our free theme authoring tools.

Presenter v3.5 takes this ability to create customized motion backgrounds and transitions to a whole new level. With the new “brandable” looks introduced with this release, 2D user-supplied images are seamlessly integrated with our brandable themes in such a way that everyone can produce custom-branded broadcast quality results.

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Learn PowerPoint 2007: Apply Preset Effects to Shapes

PowerPoint 2007 offers six effect types that you can apply to most slide objects including shapes. However there may be times when you don't want to go through the trouble of experimenting with these six effects to see if a particular shadow effect style works well with another bevel effect. If that sounds familiar, you will love the Presets option that combines effects that generally work well with each other.

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Learn PowerPoint 2007: Shape Effects

PowerPoint 2007 shape effects can be applied to selected shapes on a slide. There are six shape effects available in PowerPoint 2007: shadow, reflection, glow, soft edges, bevel, and 3-D rotation. In addition you also have presets. I'll explain each of these effects options in individually detailed pages. In this tutorial, I'll explain basics of applying effects.

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Learn PowerPoint 2007: Apply Shadow Effects to Shapes

In a previous tutorial I showed you how to apply the preset effects to shapes in PowerPoint 2007. In this tutorial, I'll show you how you can apply shadow effects to shapes in PowerPoint 2007.

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PowerPoint Cool Stuff: Access in PowerPoint

Naresh NichaniFirst of all, this is not a tutorial -- rather it is a walkthrough that shows proof of concept of integrating a Microsoft Access database within a PowerPoint slide. What's more -- the sample presentation that has been provided let's you use any Access database as the source for your presentation slides!

You can download the sample presentation and database files. You will need to have both Microsoft Access and PowerPoint installed on the same system for this to work -- also it works best if versions of both the products are identical, as in PowerPoint 2003 and Access 2003 -- or PowerPoint 2007 and Access 2007.

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St. Patrick's Day Templates on Ppted

St. Patrick's Day Templates on Indezine

powerpoint 2007 makeover kitPowerPoint 2007 Tip

Before you insert any sound or movie files within your presentation, copy the media files to the same folder as the presentation so that PowerPoint can remember where the file is located. This is especially important if your media files are on a CD, thumb drive, network folder, or external hard disk. Even if the media file is located in the same computer as the presentation, it’s good idea to copy them to the same folder in case you want to share the presentation. Then, all you will need to do is copy the whole folder to share your presentation---this also ensures that the sound and movie will work everywhere without broken links.

This tip is from my book, PowerPoint 2007 Complete Makeover Kit which I co-authored with Echo Swinford -- check the book now!

And here are some excerpts...

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