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This one is from Henk Frijters of Belleville, Canada. Thank you, Henk!

It is always useful to have a number of templates on hand that are not the "standard" ones so that I can show clients and students some of the superior performance and functions that you can carry out with PowerPoint when you move away from what Microsoft gives to everyone. I am (or was a desktop trainer - I have moved up in the world) and found your website quite awhile ago and found it very useful, so much that I recommended it to my students all the time.

- Ron Middleton, Queanbeyan, Australia

Love your freebies, since I work for a nonprofit educational medical company.

- Cathy Plunkett, Memphis, United States

I really enjoy using your website It is easy to use and I am able to find what I am Looking for. It has been a great help to me and has been the driving source for a couple of different ideas.

- Larry Northey, Oregon, United States

Your site is one of my favs for things PowerPoint, because it is professional, well done, and so helpful. The fact that you are able to give things to your users from time to time is just great. Thanks for all the hard work on maintenance and the helpful information.

- David Cox, Alexandria, United States

Thanks very much for the free PowerPoint templates! I teach at a university, and it's nice to have some fun, different templates to use in my classroom presentations. I really appreciate it!

- Lise DeShea, Lexington, United States

Just want to say thank you for the great template collection! Really good job :) Admire.

- Asparuh Polyovski, UK

As for, I love it. Although I am not a 'power user' of PowerPoint, I read all of your articles to find those nuggets of information that might help me do a better job of presenting. The PowerPoint Ezine helps to remind me to take a little time to read the articles, look that the amazing templates and backgrounds, and see what the vendors are doing to improve the functionality of PowerPoint. All in all, GREAT!

- Raymond Harrell, Redstone Arsenal, United States

Comprehensive info, uncluttered.

- Niela Redford, Arizona, United States

Just commenting on how much I appreciate your site and the info you have on it, to help improve my PowerPoints.

- Lynda Stone, Phoenix, United States

I think that your PowerPoint Ezine is one of the finest free ezines I subscribe to. Your materials are fresh and carry the punch needed to create effective PowerPoints.

- Henk Frijters , Belleville, Canada

I'm a new (within past month or so) subscriber to the ezine - and I have been quite pleased with the information contained and the presentation of the website. The ezine has also been a welcome addition to my inbox - both in that has increased my awareness of the amount of "support" for PowerPoint as well as to provide links to quality providers.

- Ian Moore, Ontario, Canada

This site is more helpful than anything else I've found on the web when it comes to understanding video, audio and how they integrate into Microsoft applications. You've saved my ass this evening.

- Jess Willard, Portland, United States and PowerPoint Ezine are great sites where I can get lots of information and templates.

- Annette Rae, Glasgow, UK

I find you web site really useful. As an Educational Technology Leader in higher education, I have found on your site inspiration for my work and fantastic links to information on software that we use now or could use in the future to develop blended learning materials. The PowerPoint Ezine is a regular reminder to check out the site regularly too.

- Lyn Leventhall, Ashtead, UK

This (ezine) is the best e-mail I get it. I learn a lot about PowerPoint and Photoshop.

- Lillianne Ohep, Caracas, Venezuela

Very nice and useful site.

- Mario, Toluca, Mexico

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