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Winning Entries

This will help is in creating lectures to give the medical students regarding genetics.
- Kelly Jackson, Louisville, USA

Still getting a grip on PowerPoint, Indezine leaves me flabbergasted with the range of things I might be able to do... w/r/t WildPresenter, I strongly encourage my students to do daily reading before class so that what I say and what we talk about actually makes sense... but I hate the extra time handing out and collecting pop quizzes takes, if I could do that with WildPresenter my attempts to encourgage/discipline my students would be infinitely more efficient and their learning environmental would improve noticably.
- Alan Rudy, East Lansing, USA

I've heard good things about Wildform, but never could afford a copy for myself. Wish me luck.
- Eileen Russell, Homestead, USA

I'm a teacher of English who is very interested in sharing and giving his colleagues and students the best ways of getting information that technology can give.
- Fathy Moustafa Kamal Afify, Ismailia, Egypt

I look forward to the results of this draw.
- John Thompson, Saskatoon, Canada

I would use the prize for my church and youth group.
- Sheila Whorton, London, USA

I would like to win this product!
- Virginia Orlando USA

I would love to have this software
- Larry Dush Cape Girardeau USA

I am a relatively new learner to PowerPoint and am using it to teach nursing and pharmacology to nursing students. I absolutely love the Indezine website and the free PowerPoint templates -- my students rave about them.
- Kristen Barbee, Concord, USA

This is a fantastic site with fantastic sponsors! I enjoy the informative Indezine newsletters and always look forward to the next issue! I sincerely hope I am considered for this software giveaway as it would truly make my job a little easier!
- Tom Estrada, Marietta, USA

Looks good
- Jon Spain, London, United Kingdom

Please send me the Wild Presenter 3
- Padma Krupa, Secunderabad, India

If I get this liscence, I will use this program for good and not evil, and will try to show my university colleagues that powerpoint presentations can be fun and informative, and no one needs to have a dull boring presentation.
- Susan Horsman, Edmonton, Canada

I would really like to own a WildPresenter 3
- Bill Nichols, Birmingham, USA

I am very interested in working with Wildform.
- Kathy Reeder, New York, USA

Sounds interesting!
- Kris Daugherty, San Leandro, USA

Look forward to winning.!!
- Jim Carelas, San Diego, USA

Sounds like a gret new product for PowerPoint users
- Ronald W Mong, Oil City, USA

Presently I hook up my computer to a DVD recorder but I have wanted a simpler way. I like PowerPoint over all the programs because it enhances any pictures used.
- Ruth Willover, Katy, USA

I love this website. I try to win every entry that allows me to apply. I hope I win!!
- Lisa Gowdy-Turner, Jacksonville, USA

The ability to stand out from the crowd and maximize the use of PowerPoint (without looking like you are depending on it) is key in any sales organization
- Bill Donahue, Burlington, USA

Love the website
- Rivka Shoulson, Queens, USA

Let's see how it works and if we're (NilBa) we'll introduce WildPresenter 3 in the Turkish market
- Bas L.M. Jansen, Istanbul, Turkey

This is my first time trying your giveaways. I wish I could win. Will be the best things could happens to improve my PowerPoint business presentations.
- Luis Cordero, Guayaquil, Ecuador

Thank you
- R D Rutter, Greenville, USA

In the technology based world of today, PowerPoint continues to grab even the most reluctant student's attention and enable them to use the knowledge they acquire to reach for the stars!
- Nancy Blake, San Antonio, USA

Hi Geetesh, Nice site! Thanks
- Jeri Mike Taylor, Columbus, USA

Oh, you can only imagine what I would do if I were selected to receive a WildPresenter 3 license...!
- Jeanne Bowen, Goshen, USA

This winter I'm going to do several presentations. This software is what I need to realize clear conference. I'd like to make my presentations most attractive and useful.
- Gianni Prest, Imperia, Italy

- Jeanna Quinn, St. Paul, USA

This sounds like a nice perk of being an Indezine member
- David Ballew, Saint Charles, USA

I look forward to having the opportunity to test this program.
- Lawrence Burke, Bellerose, USA

I am intrigued by the possibility of converting my PowerPoint presentations into Flash presentations. Hope I win!
- Kay Fisher, Bradley, USA

Your side is great
- Fran, Alcalá de Henares, Spain

As a surviving cancer patient I try to help others in similar situation. I hope this will make my mission easier.
- Gláucio Soares, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Entering giveaway
- Tracy Loffer, Anaheim, USA

Great site. I like it.
- Jan Yoder, Goshen, USA

What a fantastic give-away!
- Julie Miles, Regina, Canada

It should be amazing to be able to convert PowerPoint presentations to Flash, would help us a lot.
- Selmin, Istanbul, Turkey

Wilder the Presentations, Deeper the Impact..!
- Suhail Chughtai, Basildon, UK

I would love to win.
- Travis Campbell, Covington, USA

Some products are just SO good that they scream at me; Sometimes I swear they even call my name out to me.Of all such great programs you may know, the top of the line is WildPresenter 3!
- David Cox, Alexandria, USA

I love your templates I use them all the time in the classroom. Flash convertor would be an amazing addition to my lessons.
- Maja Beg, Toronto, Canada

This would also be a great tool for me to convert large PowerPoint presentations built by Nurses and Dr.'s at our hospital for use in our LMS for training
- Devin Kane, St. Petersburg, USA

Enter me for a chance to win one of the licenses to WildPresenter 3. Thanks.
- Jodi Hubbard, Augusta USA

The new quiz feature is great - my wife who is a teacher has been looking for something 'simple' that she can use in the classroom. We've tried various 'pre-made' quiz PowerPoints off the internet - but without much luck. Looking forward to trying this built-in function.
- Ian Moore, Toronto, Canada

I am excited about this new product and look forward to its release.
- Anne Michaels, Austin, United States

Please send across
- Rajesh Srinivasan, Peterborough, UK

WildPresenter 3 would be a great asset to me.
- Ron Waters, Eureka, USA

This would be a wonderful tool to help my nursing students study the content for fluid and electrolytes and pharmacology. The ability to include quiz graphics and clips to reinforce learning is a terrific feature !
- Nancy Hutt, Portland, USA

Thank you for allowing me to enter your contest. I did the preview on WildPresenter Pro and it looks like a wonderful program. It would be great to have! Thank you for considering me.
- Christine Ingerick, Penn Yan NY, USA

I could put this prize to good use with my students at college. Here's to ""no entry, no win"" cheers
- Lynne Caine, Manchester, England

- Emery Smith, Hollister, USA

A great site for PowerPoint resources!
- Dr Jani, Pune, India

This is a program I could use
- David Wolfe, Bensenville, USA

I am developing a virtual tour for my company's intranet. I appreciate the easy editing functions of this product. Having the ability to import PowerPoint presentation to output as a Flash SWF movie would add great impact to the final product.
Bonnie Knepper, La Crosse, USA

You rock! I love your site! I always learn so much and anxiously await your email. I could really use this software and I use PowerPoint extensively and would like to put some of my presentation on my website. Thanks for this chance.
- Dotty Weiner, Hartford, USA

A really useful programme i would really love to have!
- Patricia Gonzalez, Lima, Peru

I've researched WildPresenter, but have never had the opportunity to use it. I am taking Computer Science courses and so my up level classes projects would stand out if I had this software. I only hope that I can win it.
- Adam Martin, Lithonia, USA

I would just love a free version of this. I spend a lot of time making PPTs and animating them for the Web - Flash is so much more everything.
- Carolyn Barbuto, Albany, USA

Hi!! Excuse me for my very poor English, I hope to be one of the winners because until now I never gained nothing and desire to continue learning about Power Point...
- Silvia valdano, Rio Cuarto, Argentina

I am new to PowerPoint, but with the help of the emails that I receive on a regular basis, I have become the envy of our office staff. Great Help!!!!
- Linda Troyer, Mogadore, USA

I love Indezine. I do all the PowerPoint presentations for my church, and the slides have been a huge help. If I won I would use the program to help with the PowerPoint presentation at church.
- Troy Bishop, Owensboro, USA

Great Program
- Robert Ballard, Orangeburg, SC

Great idea
- Chris Eaton, Cooroy, Australia

These slides are a unique way to make presentations
- Cecelia Haas, Kyle, USA

As a physically disabled academic user, I find the Indezine templates and newsletter a great help in preparing my presentations.
- Jay Hayes-Light, Warrington, UK

Even though I am not familiar with WildPresenter 3 I look forward to exposure. The idea of being able to produce presentations and then turn them into SWF is intrigueing.
- Reg Maycumber, Jacksonville, USA

Thanks for the chance
- Li n Pearson, Edinburgh, UK

Indezine has made such a great difference to my presentations. I love it! Being able to find the right background/template quickly has made life much easier. Thanks a million - it's great!
- Alther Jonas, Southampton, UK"

Would be very useful to add helpful material to our vital website
- Doug Harris, Richmond, Richmond

I am always looking for ways to incorporate technoloy into my classroom in a new way. I have especially been interested in making movies with my class and this just may give me the opportunity to do that resonablly.
- Monica L. Marcum, Oak Hill, USA

I am an electro-technology teacher designing PowerPoint presentations. This package will help us greatly
- Joe Quinnell, Shepparton, Australia

Now, you have really challenged me. What can I say that I haven't already said in the last form I filled out, for the same messge holds true for all that you do to enable folks to improve their skills, and I for one, am just overjoyed to be a part of it. You may never know the full measure of the gift that give, but I am sure that whatever comes of it, touches hearts all over the world. You should be proud, I certainly am, and I am only a novice. God bless.
- Steve Politte, Cadet, USA

I've been dying to get WildPresenter 3 but just haven't been able to have the extra dollars. Hope I get lucky! Thanks for the opportunity!
- Jacquelyn Smith, Baltimore, USA

This sounds like a nice product that I could use. Thank You!
- Ron Camp, Santa Ana, USA

Let me see
- Bjarne Lund Henneberg, Tønder, Denmark

Will luv to have this
- Nazareth, Mississauga, Canada

I really love all the work you have done with this site. Really usefull. And all the templates are great!
- Diego Carrasco, Quilpué, Chile

Quality presentation is crucial to quality communication
- Lenny Turk, Dunfermline, UK

I believe in a product that greatly enhances functionality and breezes up media design. Wild Presenter 3 is indeed a welcome addition to my tools in presenting to the world my ideas
- Patrick Nikkolai A, Persia Parañaque City, Philippines

I have no comments
- Cathy Britton,Tazewell, USA

Introduce the software to as part of of Faculty/Staff Development. Enhancing PowerPoint presentation in the classroom/adminstrative environments.
- Delores J. Reaves, Baltimore, USA

The prog will be useful for our presentations. Tks.
- Chan Yin Wuan, Singapore, Singapore

I'm always looking for ways to add Pow to my PowerPoint presentations. Wildform would definitely add some pizzazz to my presentations. Great stuff!!
- Marisa VanDeWater,Flint, USA

I'd be truly enabled if I have the WildPresenter 3. I can then actually see my presentations come alive when converted into FlashSWF. Roll out the license fast. Can't wait.
- GBS, Mumbai, India

Hope to win
- Timothy Kuehn, Hillsboro, USA

A good way to share useful software and to promote your brandmark
- Hisbello, Rio deJaneiro, Brazil

Awesome program - would be cool to win
- Lynne Raumati, Ohope, New Zealand

- Vicki Dominguez Holly, Ridge, USA

I visited your website and your software looks impressive. I could really use this software with my students in my computer lab.
- Robin Ogburn, Semmes, USA

Love the program
- Greg Friesen, Regina, Canada

- Friesen, Greg, Canada

- T Siddiqui,Orland Park, U.S.A

I have not used a software like WildPresenter. I would like very much to experience what it can do.
- Nicholas, Singapore, Singapore

Keeps one updated
- Savathri, Nizwa, Oman

I hope i win this license... I really use PowerPoint alot, and it would help me alot if i could present my presentations in a better way. Thanx"
- Jesus Medina, Santa Paula, USA

Indezine is a great site. Great presentations, good support, on the ball management team. What more could you ask for from the best in powerpoint presentations. Keep up the great work Mr Bajaj, you're the best.
- Niresh Sewraj, Durban, South Africa

I usually enjoy the programs you recommend so i believe I'm going to enjoy that one too.
- Shoshana Ben-Yaakov, Efrat, Israel

Yes, i need PowerPoint to Flash for presentations at my university, it will be helpfull for me. thanks.
- Eeuardo, Heredia, Costa Rica

Hope to go Wild with the Wildform
- Mythily, Bangalore, India

Is there any way in which we here in Namibia can buy these must have books cheaper? All Internet copies are in US$, and the exchange rate is prohibitive. We would order a lot more if we could get it at a better rate. Thank you for your time. Enjoy your day.
- Ursula, Oranjemund, Namibia

- Alexander Malyshau, Vienna, Austria

I wonder if PowerPoint can be better than it already is?
- Nico Sinaga, Bogor, Indonesia

I am working on a presentation, of sorts for veterans ... it would be enormously to have the capability to convert it to Flash. Wish me luck!
- Francesca, San Francisco,USA

As I use presentations all the time, it would be great to have the opportunity to win this package, which would enable me to improve my presentations.
- Maria-Joao du Toit, Johannesburg ,South Africa

Just think i can take my current clunky PowerPoints and convert them to slick clean Flash as quick as you ........flash! with Wildform...... and if i need to make changesI can just flash again.
- Piero Dametto, Buderim, Australia

This program is just what I need as I am just entering the field of online learning and development. Have now become proficient with PowerPoint now would like something new.
- Catherine Dernedde, Cairns, Australia

I never win anything but I continue to submit my entries - you have to try at least. So here I go submitting another entry.
- Kaylene Horne, Boronia, Australia

I wish to pariticiate
- Geoff Clark, Sydney, Australia

PowerPoint has become a mainstay of my presentations (I professionally train 500-600 leaders in eastern and western Europe each year) WildPresenter 3 sounds like a great addition to my PowerPoint toolbox.
- Bruce Clewett,Guntramsdorf, Austria

Thanks for this offer Rev.
- Nick Prinsloo, Cape Town, South Africa

Eating or Drinking?
- Jessie Jiang, Singapore, Singapore

I am new member of this site and I liked your power point templates very much
- Sanjay, Pune, India

It says this is optional but I am told that there is an error if I don't type anything here!
- Mark G, Bradford, UK

It would be great if i can be a part of the giveaway scheme
- Kaustav Bhowmik, Kolkata, India

This looks like it would be a great program to bring new life to my PowerPoint presentations.
- Michele Bouchad, Boca Raton, US

Please enter me into the contest. PowerPoint is my most used program for the hospitals and LTC facilities.
- Kim Fahy, Edison, USA

I make 2 and sometimes three PowerPoint presentations a week. So i need all the help and new ideas i can get. I always appreciate good quality programs that make my life easier.
- Mike Bentley, Lawton, USA

I teach mathematics at the university level. I have placed all my lectures on PowerPoint. This software would make my presentations more available to my students to download and use outside of class.
- Steve Armstrong, Longview, USA

I would like to be entered in the WildPresenter3 give-away. Thank you
- Linda Whitmore, Lynchburg, USA

I like everything you have, I'd love to try this!
- Marla Theodoro, Klamath Falls, USA

I'm wild about Wildpresenter, love the new LMS add to ver 3.
- Kevin Salley, Burnsville, USA

To present, you need to be wild, or do you?
- Anthony David, Hyderabad, India

Greatly interested in a PowerPoint to Flash conversion tool! Wow! What an offer! If I do win I can now begin experimenting with converting my massive interactive files into flash! This should be really interesting! Thanks on behalf of myself and whoever is fortunate enough to win!
- James Osler, Durham, Durham

I would love these to aid in my presentations to the California Fire Fighters Programs. It Makes their tranning easier and I love to help them in any way possible. Thank you
- Pat Reynolds, Dewey AZ, USA

I'd love to own this software and would put it to extremely heavy use! To be able to turn PowerPoint into such economical SWF, and produce quizzes and tests, would broaden the scope of my educational activities enormously. I could never afford it personally - but I would certainly use a free prize copy in contexts where wealthier people would see it, be impressed, and buy!
- Vicki Dominguez, Exeter, UK

As a teacher, I could sure use this software.
- Rae Drysdale, Carrickfergus, N Ireland

Am looking forward to learning more about your products
- Selena Ford, Gladwin, U.S.A.

Wow, this looks awesome!
- Don sublett, Roanoke, U.S.A.

This is the type of site i always dreamed about
- Peter, Male, Maldives

I love Indezine!! I am a full time college student and I am constantly having to do presentations and because of Indezine I am able to do these presentations without much hassle. I am not forced to go to a million sites to find a slide for the presentation, like I have to for the information for the presentation. I have never been able to find another site that is as good as Indezine. Thanks Indezine!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Lisa Woody, Columbia, USA

This is my participation in the giveaway
- Kena Guinn, Batavia, USA

Thank you for this opportunity. I'm an instructor and would love to make my PowerPoints more interactive. egards,
- Angela McCallum, Buenos Aires, Argentina

First thing I thought of when I read the name "WildPresenter" is a roaring lion doing a PowerPoint presentation!
- Yolanda, Manila, Philippines

This program would help me make the PowerPoint slides that I do for my church more exciting.
- Belinda Medley, Cincinnati, USA

I am really interested in your product
- Michael Osment, Aylor, USA

Great site
- Dr Saquib hanif, Islamabad, Pakistan

Entry for Indezine giveaway. We are beginning the process of developing computer based training and would like to use Flash and other enticing objects in our PowerPoint presentations
- Don DeWitt, Orient, USA

I love this site! I create a monthly newsletter using ppt, and email it to a fair sized group. I get lots of comments on how great the ""backgrounds"" are. Thanks for such great designs!
- Tammie Dillon, Colorado Springs, USA

WildPresenter is a software i just knew lately and only after being a member in Its wildly cool, and i really want a copy."
- Maitha, Dubai, UAE

Is good for my work at school
- Maricruz fernandez, Juncos, Puerto Rico

Very much like your products as they are easy to use, intuative and very quick to pick up and run with, I use FX Pro a lot!"
- Derek Chatting, Huntingdon, United Kingdom

I really don't know what is this for...
- Karla, Maracaibo, Venezuela

The only thing wild about this product is the name ... it really does tame the task of pushing presentations to the next level!!!!
- David Scammell, Lake Mary, USA

I really would like to receive PowerPoint Templates from you... It would really be a great help for me specially that I am teaching in a Computer/IT university..
- Donna Hernandez, Lucena City, Philippines

I'm desperate for some really great powerpoint templates for my presentations, because I like standing out in the crowd!
- Samiha Saeed, Karachi, Pakistan

Outstanding stuff
- Robert Dickinson, Leavenworth, USA

Love this site and all the help it has given me in creating powerful presentations! :o)
- Joy Fischl, Tustin, USA

Please enter me in your drawing
- Theresa Shaul, Phoenix, USA

Just read the review on this site and the Quiz Features of WildPresenter 3 is really cool. My company currently uses Captivate to create quizzes. Wild Presenter would sure make things easier for all of us.
- James Syngai, Shillong, India

Would very much to have the Wildform WildPresenter 3 to make wild but beautiful effects
- Duleep Kumar Samuel, Bangalore, India

Simply wonderful
- Mujahid Haider, Lahore, Pakistan

I always look forward to Indezine emails. Could it be the latest news in presentation sofware? Perhaps it is a great collection of freebies? Better yet, it could be a wonderful prize to make my life more colorful! Thanks for all the great offers and promotions. I never delete Indezine emails!
- Bonnie F. Moore, Altoona, USA

I have used Wildform in a past job and found it easy to use and reliable in creating Flash presentations. In my current role I do about a dozen presentations a month and could really use the Flash for web/email delivery!
- Allen Zielnik, Chicago, USA

- John Vonhof, Manteca, USA

WildPresenter seems like a great program to help us publish our PowerPoint presentation to the web
- Karen Hansen, York, USA

At last! I finally have the chance to be a winner! And not an ordinary winner but a special winner of a special software license! I'm not going to tell you how long I was looking for such a software, I'm not going to tell you how my life will change if I will get it and I'm not going to tell you that you guys, are great. No, I'm not going to tell you anything like that. I'll just let you know that I receive Indezine newsletter for a few years and that, even if we did not meet in person, Geetesh is my ""PPT friend' from behind the screen. And even if we don't see each other, the Indezine team has given me along the years a lot of help because what are friends for? And even if I cannot come to New Orleans in October to be part of the PowerPoint Live User Conference I still can watch the video presentations and learn a lot of things, because you all make it possible. So I'm just going to tell you that I compete for this free license because I really need it at my work. Good presentations make products sell faster and better and this is a matter of progress. So with you, I'll have the chance to make a step forward. If I win.
- Mihaela GOJ, Bucharest, Bucharest

Wow! I would love to place many of the students work on the school website but have not been able to include all their features, with this not only could my students see their work, but so could all my colleagues, the kids family and other school districts! What great PR!
- Penny Wipprecht, Scottsdale, USA

Keep up the good pointers coming they have been a big help to me so far,
- Rosemary Meza, Selma, USA

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