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by Geetesh Bajaj, April 10, 2018

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Presentation Summit 2018: Conversation with Rick Altman

Rick Altman

Rick Altman has been hired by hundreds of companies, listened to by tens of thousands of professionals, and read by millions of people, all of whom seek better results with their presentation content and delivery. He covers the whole of the industry, from message crafting, through presentation design, slide creation, software technique, and delivery. He is the host of the Presentation Summit, now in its 16th season as the most prominent learning event for the presentation community. In this conversation, Rick talks about the upcoming Presentation Summit conference, being held in San Diego from September 23rd to 26th, 2018.

Read the conversation here.

Jigsaw Shapes for PowerPoint Presentations

Jigsaw Shapes for PowerPoint Presentations

Here are a bunch of jigsaw slides that you can use to create your own jigsaw puzzles quickly within your own slides! This entire kit contains 5 different styles of jigsaw pieces: typical jigsaws, arrows, hearts, ovals, and rounded squares.

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Each jigsaw shape is available in three counts: small, medium, and large. These shapes can be used in any PowerPoint version that is released till date. We made these available in two slide sizes for both standard (4:3) and widescreen (16:9) resolutions. Detailed instructions on how to use these shapes can be found within the download you buy.

Download and use jigsaw shapes in your slides now for just $9.99.

Resources: Animated GIFs

Resources: Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs aren't as omnipresent as they once were. In a bandwidth starved world, they were an easy way to add impact to a webpage. Bandwidth issues are still relevant. But nowadays many mainstream sites only use animated GIFs if they can add value to a design. That doesn't mean that animated GIFs aren't popular. There are whole sites online which are dedicated only to animated GIFS and a slew of new software which make creating them very easy.

Explore animated GIFs and resources to create and download them.

Create Animated GIFs from PowerPoint Slides

Create Animated GIFs from PowerPoint Slides

Animated GIFs used to be very popular like twenty, or twenty-five years ago, and then they just faded away. And now, they have made a comeback. So it’s not surprising that I have started hearing from so many Indezine readers, who want to know how they can create animated GIFs using PowerPoint. Yes, this is certainly doable, although there’s no direct Save as Animated GIF option yet.

Explore ways to create animated GIFs from PowerPoint slides.

Presenting Quotes

Eating Animals

Eating Animals

"It’s always possible to wake someone from sleep, but no amount of noise will wake someone who is pretending to be asleep."

Learn PowerPoint 2016 for Windows

Open and Closed Motion Paths

Open and Closed Motion Paths in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows

Motion paths are paths (or lines) through which slide objects animate. These motion paths are like any other line with curves, points, etc. If you are familiar with the Line, Curve, Scribble, and Freeform drawing tools in PowerPoint, you know that paths can be either open or closed. A circle is a good example of a closed path, whereas an arc is an open path. So, how is the concept of open and closed paths relevant to Motion Path animations in PowerPoint?

Lock and Unlock Paths for Motion Path Animations

Lock and Unlock Paths for Motion Path Animations in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows

When most people use Motion Path animations, the feature they probably use the least is locking and unlocking the Motion Paths. That may be because these options are not too well documented. But that’s no reason to ignore this option. Especially, since locking and unlocking Motion Paths can help you create better animations.

Learn PowerPoint 2016 for Mac

Adding More Guides

Adding More Guides in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac

Once you have made Guides visible on your PowerPoint slides, they show up in the same position on all other slides within the presentation. You'll find that only two Guides, one horizontal and one vertical Guide are visible at first, and these two Guides intersect at the center of the slide. Most of the time, this might work for you, but you can actually add more Guides since these can help in positioning slide objects better across successive slides.

Working with Guides

Working with Guides in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac

To begin, let's start with the basics. What are Guides in PowerPoint? Consider Guides as individual lines from a grid on your slide that you create. Each single Guide can be moved, added, or deleted. Guides also have snap options that are always on. Once the Guides are made visible on the slide, all objects that venture close enough to them just snap. Along with Rulers, Guides help you position your slide objects with more precision, and you can make them work for you using techniques explained on this page.

Slide Layouts within Slide Master View

Slide Layouts within Slide Master View in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac

While changing the Slide Layout for any given slide(s) in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac, you typically access the Home tab of the Ribbon and click the Layout button. This brings forth the Layout drop-down gallery. The number of Slide Layouts that you see within this gallery may differ depending upon the Theme of your active presentation. However, with PowerPoint's default Office Theme applied, you may see 11 layouts. So, where do these Slide Layouts come from? What influences how they look, or how the placeholders within them are laid out? To find out answers to these questions, you need to access Slide Master view within PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Templates from Indezine

Red Earth
Red Earth / Astronomy (Generic)
Spotlight 02 / Spotlight
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PowerPoint Templates from MedicinePPT

Dentist 05 / Dentist
Dentist 06 / Dentist
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PowerPoint Templates from LegalPPT

Judge 10 / Judge
Admiralty Law
Admiralty Law 01 / Admiralty Law
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PowerPoint Templates from FreePPTTemplates

Pattern 07 / Patterns
Pattern 08 / Patterns
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PowerPoint Templates from ChristianPPT

Church 01 / Church
Priest 01 / Priest
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