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by Geetesh Bajaj, March 8, 2016

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Jumping Slides
Jumping Slides

Every presenter wants to be in the same situation as Tom! He was happy while presenting because his audience seemed so engrossed in his talk. Why? That is because Tom had shared a story about ups and downs. He had expressed the contrast in an almost nail-biting environment. Yes, the story had served as an awesome introduction, and Tom had everyone's attention. Could anything go wrong? Maybe, or maybe not. Let's see what happened next.

Learn how you can cope with the problem of jumping through slides
Charts and Diagrams on PoweredTemplate: Conversation with Serge Starenko
Serge Starenko

Serge Starenko is an entrepreneur with a solid background in software development and business administration. In 2004 he left his primary job and started working with like-minded professionals over the project PoweredTemplate. The idea came to him because he always had to prepare presentations for project management tools and marketing purposes. While working with these slides, he hadn't found any professional presentation templates on the market at that time. Sensing a need, Serge organized and coordinated to create an effective team. He still controls all the processes and is totally engaged in strategic planning and project development. In this conversation, Serge talks about the Chart and Diagram templates available on the PoweredTemplate site.

Read the conversation here
Think, Act and Deliver Differently: Conversation with Simon Morton
 Simon Morton

Simon Morton's career as an executive for a technology company exposed him to more PowerPoint than was good for him. In 2004 Simon founded Eyeful Presentations with two aims; ridding the world of Death by PowerPoint and enjoying a relaxing, family future. Unfortunately for Simon (but great for businesses everywhere), his design and storytelling skills made a real impact. In this conversation, Simon talks about his Think, Act and Deliver Differently initiative.

Read the conversation here
Spicy Slide Pack for PowerPoint: Conversation with "P-Spice" Lia

Known as her nickname "P-Spice," Lia is a management consultant with a passion for teaching others how to make presentations more engaging and impactful. She regularly shares presentation tricks on her popular YouTube channel PowerPoint Spice and the Spicy Presentations blog. In her full-time consulting job, she works with global Fortune 500 clients on solving their strategic planning and leadership development challenges. In this conversation, Lia talks about how she got started with her PowerPoint animation tutorials, as well as her recently released Spicy Slide Pack.

Read the conversation here
Learn PowerPoint 2016 for Windows
PowerPoint 2016 for Windows Tutorials

Change Background Styles for Slide Layouts

When you change Background Style of the Slide Master, the Background Style for all dependent Slide Layouts will also change. However, it is not necessary for all your Slide Layouts to possess the same Background Style as the Slide Master. Each slide Layout can have its own independent Background Style, as you will learn in the rest of this tutorial. Follow these steps to learn more in PowerPoint 2016.
Learn PowerPoint 2013 for Windows
PowerPoint 2013 for Windows Tutorials

Missing Themes

When you bring up the Themes gallery within PowerPoint 2013, do you find that several Themes are missing? Alternatively, do you find that your friends and colleagues have more Themes than you do? Whatever be the reason for your missing Themes, it is possible to get them back.
Office Mix
Office Mix

What is Office Mix?

Office Mix is an add-in for PowerPoint that provides extra tools that enhance how you deliver and share your presentation. In other words, Office Mix lets you be there even when you are not physically delivering your presentation. Mix enables you to record your delivery to perfection, and it saves all the interactivity. The end results closely mimic self-delivered content.
Install Office Mix

Before we look at installing Office Mix, it is a good idea to understand the system requirements needed for this add-in. Thereafter, you can install and run Office Mix, as explained later on this page.
Sway Tutorials
Sway Tutorials

Determining Authors in Sway

So you have created a Sway, or you have been invited to become an Author to edit one? Now how do you know who else has permissions to edit the same Sway? Yes, you can see who is editing any open Sway as explained in our Co-Authoring in Sway tutorial, but that only works if other Authors happen to be editing at the same time as you are! What about any other Authors? Let's discover a way to find them!
PowerPoint Templates on Indezine
PowerPoint Templates on MedicinePPT
PowerPoint Templates on LegalPPT
PowerPoint Templates on FreePPTTemplates
PowerPoint Templates on ChristianPPT
Add to Circles
This entire collection's price is set to $99, but for a limited time offer you can get this complete kit for only $49. So hurry, get this huge organic shapes collection and start creating amazing slides.
Watch these shapes in action:

Organic Shapes YouTube Video

Click above thumbnail to watch the YouTube Video.
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