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by Geetesh Bajaj, August 18, 2015

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Medical PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds
We don't really publicize this fact, but we've been adding PowerPoint templates to our sites every single day for the last 10 years! One look at our Medical PowerPoint Templates page, and you will find a fantastic resource - do explore the exhaustive list of medical categories available! Please do explore and download!


Download medical PowerPoint templates

And if this was not enough, we have an entire site of medical PowerPoint templates at MedicinePPT.com!


Download from MedicinePPT.com
Flowcharts in Microsoft Office
Flowcharts in Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office programs such as PowerPoint provide an amazing repertoire of shapes that let you quickly create flowcharts. In this starter tutorial, you will learn how easy it is to create your flowchart in minutes!

Create flowcharts now in Microsoft Office
Docs.com Tutorials

Sign into Docs.com

While you can browse and view content on Docs.com without signing in, that's the sum of all you can do. To go further and upload a PowerPoint presentation or another file, you will have to first sign into Docs.com using your Microsoft account. A Microsoft account contains credentials you use to sign into any of Microsoft's services such as Hotmail, Outlook, XBox, Live, Zune, etc. In this tutorial, we explain how you can sign into Docs.com.
Search and Browse Content on Docs.com

Once you visit Docs.com in any browser, you will have to sign into Docs.com to really achieve anything useful on this site. However, there's one important task that you can perform even without signing in -- and that is to search and browse existing content that other users have uploaded to this site. Note that while you need not be signed into Docs.com to search and browse the content, signing in can still be useful if you want to comment or even download a file.
Filter Search Results in Docs.com

Search for resources on Docs.com and you may end up with so many results, that you may be bewildered. Fortunately, you can filter these search results to show only files of a particular type, license, or language -- in this tutorial we'll explore how to filter search result in Docs.com.
Opening PowerPoint Files on Docs.com

We explored how to search and browse content available on Docs.com, a file sharing site from Microsoft. Rather than just search, you can additionally filter search results to show only files of a particular type, license, or language. In this tutorial, we'll show you how you can open a PowerPoint file. You might be wondering about what's so special about opening a PowerPoint file and how it is different than opening any other file type on Docs.com? The difference is not really in opening -- but within the many options you see after you open your file. We will walk you through these options within this tutorial.
Create Collections in Docs.com

Collections in Docs.com are essentially exactly what the name suggests! These are "Collections" that enable you to gather various files as well as content created from around the web which interests you and group them all together. Collections work as virtual folders that store all sorts of content. This is great if you are doing a project and want all the content to be placed in a Collection without actually moving all the content to the Collection itself!
New PowerPoint Templates on Indezine
New PowerPoint Templates on MedicinePPT
New PowerPoint Templates on LegalPPT
New PowerPoint Templates on FreePPTTemplates
New PowerPoint Templates on ChristianPPT
Add to Circles

Here's another amazing collection from our partner, Presentation Process. There are 750+ business diagram templates in the CEO Pack. You can start creating representations of any business idea quickly and visually - immediately after you buy and download. Once you get this CEO Pack, you will be able to download the charts and diagrams instantly.
Cause Effect Diagrams
Cause Effect Diagrams
Editable PowerPoint Charts
Editable PowerPoint Charts
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