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by Geetesh Bajaj, May 7th 2013

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Share PowerPoint Presentations on Social Sites (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) using SkyDrive

Share PowerPoint Presentations on Social Sites Lately, Microsoft has been providing many options for sharing Microsoft Office documents online -- previously we showed how you can share PowerPoint presentations online using the Microsoft Office Web Viewer and SkyDrive. There is a third option (also on SkyDrive) that enables you to share presentations on social sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn). You can easily share these presentations via a link with your friends, colleagues, and family.

Learn how to share PowerPoint presentations on Social Sites (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) using SkyDrive

authorSTREAM's Facebook App: Conversation with Dinesh Awasthi

Dinesh Awasthi Dinesh Awasthi is Product Manager for authorSTREAM.com. In addition to developing the strategic product roadmap and implementation of various features on authorSTREAM, he works with the development team and keeps an eye on user feedback to formulate new releases. Dinesh holds a Masters degree in Computer Applications. In this conversation, Dinesh discusses authorSTREAM's Facebook app that brings new abilities to share PowerPoint presentations on Facebook.

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Share PowerPoint Presentations Online using SkyDrive

Share PowerPoint Presentations Online using SkyDrive In a previous tutorial, we showed you how you can Share PowerPoint Presentations Online using the Microsoft Office Web Viewer. That option works great if you have your own domain where you want to upload and share PowerPoint presentations (or even Word and Excel files). However, if you already use Microsoft's SkyDrive to create and edit your presentations, then it makes sense to use a similar sharing option that is already built within the SkyDrive service.

Learn how to share PowerPoint presentations online, using SkyDrive

Permanently Turn Off Notifications in Windows 8

Permanently Turn Off Notifications in Windows 8 We already showed how you can turn off notifications in Windows 8 for a while -- maybe you want these notifications off while you are presenting your PowerPoint slides. Although these notifications can be useful, some of them can be very irritating and even embarrassing when you show slides to an audience. Some people hate them so much that they want them barred even when they are not presenting -- if your thought processes work the same way, you can turn these notifications off permanently.

Learn how to permanently turn off notifications in Windows 8

Learn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

Movie Effects
You can always use movie clips inserted in your PowerPoint slides as they are. However, to enhance their appearance and make them look more coordinated with the look of your slides, you can also apply Corrections, Recolor, Movie Styles, and Movie Borders to your inserted movies. Having said so, you are certainly not limited to the options mentioned above -- PowerPoint also offers you Movie Effects, which are very similar to Shape Effects. Movie Effects let you apply various effects such as Shadow, Glow, Bevel, 3-D Rotation, Soft Edges etc. to a selected movie clip.
Movie Shape
In PowerPoint, your inserted movie clip is always placed as in a traditional rectangular shape, which is exactly what most users expect since it does seem safe and conventional. However, PowerPoint 2011 allows you to crop your movie to various shapes such as a circle, an oval, a wave, a triangle, or any of PowerPoint's default shapes. However, while selecting shapes for your movie clips, do remember that most of the shapes other than a Rectangle may crop out some parts of your movie clips. That's why you can play around with shapes such as a rounded rectangle -- but ponder a lot before you place a movie within a semi-circle or a pointed star!

Learn PowerPoint 2013 for Windows

Slide Master View
Slide Master view is a very important view within PowerPoint -- if you make any changes or edit within this view, these modifications will influence all slides within your presentation. For example, if you want to make your company logo appear on all the slides, you will have to add the logo within the Slide Master -- or if you want the font size of your slide titles to be a little larger or smaller, then those edits also need to be made in the Slide Master.

Change Slide Layout
Each PowerPoint presentation contains several slides which many users believe are akin to a blank canvas or an empty sheet of paper! You can thereafter add content to the slides in much the same way as you use brushes to create strokes of paint to color a canvas. For example, do you want some text -- you add a text box. Want a picture -- just insert a picture and place it anywhere on your slide! Wait -- this is not really the way that you work with PowerPoint!

AKVIS AirBrush 1.0: Photoshop Plug-in Review

AKVIS AirBrush 1.0 AirBrush is an Adobe Photoshop compatible plug-in that creates an airbrush-style drawing from any photograph. AKVIS AirBrush works as an artistic filter creating stylish colorful airbrush designs from images using its preset or tweaked algorithms to cause a photo to painting conversion. Best of all, you don't need to perform complex calculations or draw lines and details with tools. Just choose one of AirBrush's 40 ready-to-use presets or play with the effect settings to create your own presets.

Read more here
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Now Updated! Keyboard Shortcuts E-Book: PowerPoint 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003

keyboard shortcuts for PowerPoint

Are you aware of all PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts? Want to check if your favorites have been included in this e-book, or if there are a few that can help you perform your PowerPoint tasks quicker and better? Or if you don't use keyboard shortcuts, do you want to get started?

This 56 page PDF e-book downloads quick, costs you $0 or more, and is a valuable resource. The PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts E-Book covers the last four Windows versions of PowerPoint: PowerPoint 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003.

Get this PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts E-Book now.

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