by Geetesh Bajaj, March 12th 2013

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PowerPoint Concept Slides: Organic Stars

PowerPoint Concept Slides: Organic StarsStars are often associated with skies, or as ornaments hanging from a festive tree. Additionally, most stars we doodle with a pen or a marker tend to have five points. And of course there's something about hand drawn stars - they look warm, independent, and different -- just like these organic star shapes. Stars are just one of the 8 shape types we have included in this Organic Shapes collection - and each of these 8 shape types have 10 variants each - so you end up with 80 hand-drawn shape options! These shapes will help break the monotony of text heavy slides, and assist you in explaining difficult concepts better to your audiences. Using these organic shapes also convinces your audiences that you care enough about them to make the slides look appealing and comprehensible. What's more, these shapes are also so much fun to use!

This product is priced at $10+.

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Counterintuitive Research Findings: by Carmen Simon

Carmen SimonI have recently completed a research study on what makes PowerPoint presentations memorable. 1,540 people participated in the study and after 48 hours, they remembered an average of 4 slides out of 20 slides they viewed. This finding is perhaps expected: unless there is some repetition and enforcement, memory fades quickly. There were however a few observations that I found surprising and almost counter-intuitive to what we've been taught as communicators. So here are the surprises, along with some principles to consider before you design your next PowerPoint presentation.

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Answer The Question Asked: by Claudyne Wilder

Claudyne WilderWhat happens to presenters who are nervous when it's time for questions? Often the presenter is simply too nervous to listen to the query, and just starts talking without providing a specific response. Or the presenter may not address the question at all, instead speaking about something else that is a "hot topic" and defending a particular position. Now the presenter is really in trouble: the questioner did not get an answer and a topic has been brought up that many people were hoping would not have to be discussed. How do you stop this behavior?

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Learn PowerPoint 2013 for Windows

Resume Reading
You have a 100 slide presentation that you are working on -- it's past midnight and your eyes feel glassy. In a state of semi-consciousness, you save your slides and shut down the presentation. You were probably working on slide number 60 when you called it a day. Now it’s another day -- and you want to complete where you stopped. The only problem is that you have no clue about where you need to resume! And then up comes a small message that says: Slide 60 Pick up where you left off!

Learn PowerPoint 2010 for Windows

Trim Audio Clips
Once you insert an audio clip into your presentation, you may find that it is too long, or there may be parts in the clip that you don't want the audiences to hear. Or maybe you just need a small bit to play -- like the sound of that trumpet blowing! Although you can scrub the clip using the Player Controls bar to ascertain where you want the clip to begin and end, that option may become monotonous and inaccurate -- and it also looks very unprofessional if you try scrubbing an audio clip right in front of your audience. Fortunately, PowerPoint's trim audio options can make this easy for you -- follow these steps to explore how you can trim an audio clip right inside PowerPoint 2010.

Learn Windows 8

Turn Off Notifications
Windows 8 introduces a different type of notification compared to what you saw in previous versions of Windows -- you see a small rectangle pop up with a message. These messages may be from different applications you have installed, and you can set those permissions individually. However, all notifications use the same appearance style. While these notifications may be helpful in most scenarios, they can be irritating and even embarrassing when showing your PowerPoint slides to an audience. There is no way PowerPoint can automatically disable them while in slide show view. Fortunately, there is a way to disable them temporarily -- and you should remember to do so each time you need to show a presentation!

Learn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

Tweak Bullets with Left Indent Marker
While it is a great option to change the placement of your bullet character and the paragraph following the bullet, it's not always the best option to make both these changes individually -- especially if you want to retain the spacing between the bullet and the succeeding paragraph. It's in times like this that you will appreciate the availability of the Left Indent Marker.

Set Text Indentation using Numerical Values
To make your text look consistent and clear, indentation is a must -- especially if your text paragraphs comprise multiple bulleted levels. While the easiest way to play with indents is via the Indent Markers visible on the Ruler, this method does not let you precisely position the indentation since you just drag and pull the Indent Markers rather than setting them up via an exact numerical value. Fortunately, you can also set indentation using set numerical values -- for this you need to access the Format Text dialog.
3D Circular Graphics
Add to Circles

Keyboard Shortcuts E-Book: PowerPoint 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003

keyboard shortcuts for PowerPoint

Getting your PowerPoint tasks done quicker is just one of the benefits you will gain by using keyboard shortcuts.

Are you aware of all PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts? Want to check if your favorites have been included in this e-book, or if there are a few that can help you perform your PowerPoint tasks quicker and better? Or if you don't use keyboard shortcuts, do you want to get started?

This 56 page PDF e-book downloads quick, costs you $0 or more, and is a valuable resource. The PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts E-Book covers the last three Windows versions of PowerPoint: PowerPoint 2010, 2007, and 2003. And now, the e-book has already been updated for the new PowerPoint 2013.

Get this PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts E-Book now.

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