by Geetesh Bajaj, June 5th 2012
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iPad Presenting Again

Geetesh BajajWe talked about philosophy in last week's issue of this newsletter -- and this week, let's discuss the improvements happening in presenting your PowerPoint content using a tablet, especially the iPad.
Apple's refusal to allow any sort of Flash to play on iOS devices, including the iPad has meant that none of the prevailing PowerPoint presenting technologies work on the iPad since most of these were created using Flash. This means that newer technologies need to be used to fill in the vacuum, and you can already see new updates and new products being announced:
  1. SlideShark's version 1.6 is an amazing solution to deliver your PowerPoints on an iPad -- it's free and retains much of the fidelity of existing PowerPoint presentations. And the new 1.6 version ups the ante with updates that make it more than just a PowerPoint viewer. Jay Wilder discusses SlideShark's new features in an exclusive Indezine interview -- so go ahead and read what he's telling you. As far as I am concerned, I do love SlideShark!

  2. The other development in iPad presenting comes from our friends at iSpring, who have announced a public beta of their PowerPoint to HTML 5 converter product. Their product does an excellent job -- sometimes, you may believe you are actually using PowerPoint on the iPad -- go and download their product and play around with it.
As I write this editorial, our LinkedIn forum has people asking all sorts of questions, from how they can run two sounds at the same time on a slide to how they can get a template for a business review presentation. Do you want to answer these questions, or do you want to ask some of your own? Or maybe you just want to go and explore! Go to our LinkedIn and Facebook groups, and share your thoughts!
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Conversations and Guest Posts

The Outline Trap - Britannica and Brainstorming: by Jerry Weissman

Jerry WeissmanOne of the early lessons we all learn in school is how to make an outline; how to create that waterfall of Roman numerals, capital letters, Arabic numerals, and lower case letters that cascade down to the bottom of the page, if not dozens of pages of interminable term papers. Thus we are forever programmed to arrange our ideas in a hierarchical order—in sharp contrast to what our brains do naturally: generate ideas in random order. To demonstrate: as I sit writing this blog, I glance at a ball point pen on my desk. The logo on the pen reminds me that I got it at as souvenir at a business conference. I remember that I met a man at the conference who told me about a book on presidential politics. This reminds me that I had been planning another blog on the same subject, and so I open a file with the notes on that subject and…. you see where this is going. I’m sure that if you were to track your own thought patterns, you would discover the same winding, random path. That’s the way every human mind works: unstructured. Read this post by Jerry Weissman.

Brainshark SlideShark v1.6: Conversation with Jay Wilder
Jay WilderJay Wilder is director of product marketing at Brainshark, Inc. Brainshark's cloud-based software lets users create online and mobile video presentations -- using simple business tools like PowerPoint and the telephone -- and then share and track their content. Thousands of companies use Brainshark to improve the reach and results of their business communications, while also dramatically reducing costs. In this conversation, Jay discusses new features in Brainshark's free SlideShark app, which enables users to view and share PowerPoint presentations on the iPad. Read the Indezine review here.

Businessman Silhouettes for PowerPoint - 04

When you are presenting to international audiences, using a picture that distinctly shows a human being of one race may not work too well. People silhouettes are the best options for such situations since they keep the entire look neutral. Here are some businessman silhouettes that are ready to use within your PowerPoint presentation slides. Within the downloaded presentation, you will see these silhouettes on two separate slides, in two color variations: black and white. You can edit these clip art silhouettes further as needed, using PowerPoint’s fills, lines, and effects.
Businessman SilhouettesBusinessman Silhouettes

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Media Actions

Learn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac: Pictures, Shapes, and Backgrounds

View PowerPoint on your iPad

Beyond Bullet Points 101 Online Course
Cliff Atkinson's course will take you step-by-step through the process of creating an example presentation beyond bullet points -- and help you to build your own personal presentation along the way.
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