by Geetesh Bajaj, May 8th 2012
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Silhouettes Again

Geetesh Bajaj
Silhouettes are the topic for this week's editorial again -- we already looked at them last week, and this week we have more free silhouettes for you to download and use in your slides. What sets these silhouettes apart from the other silhouettes that you can get from stock photo sites is that these are all PowerPoint native graphics. This means you can select any of these silhouette graphics and use any of PowerPoint's fill, outline, and effect options to make the graphics look coordinated with the rest of your slides.
Also let us explore more advantages of using silhouettes -- since these don't consume a large file size, the silhouettes can be animated easily, even if you use multiple animations happening at the same time. Do you want to share your feedback about using silhouettes as visuals in your PowerPoint slides? Go to our LinkedIn group, and share your thoughts!
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Resonate on iPad: A book that’s now become an experience

Resonate on iPadWhen Nancy sent me a copy of her book, Resonate that has been recreated for the iPad, I knew that what I was looking through on my iPad was more than just a presentation book. In fact, this was more than a book -– it was Nancy sharing her thoughts, her encounters, and her inspiration with everyone. The folks at Duarte did post about Resonate's new incarnation on their blog, and while I agree with them when they say "Resonate is the first interactive business book built using Apple’s iBooks Author", I don't think that iBooks Author is the only nuance that sets this book apart. Read more here.

Silhouettes for PowerPoint

Businessman and Businesswoman Silhouettes
These businessman and businesswoman silhouettes are ready to use within your PowerPoint presentation slides – and have been provided in both black and white colors. Both variations are contained within two separate slides in one presentation that you can download. In addition, you can use PowerPoint’s fills, lines, and effects to make these silhouettes appear coordinated with your slides. Copy the silhouettes graphics (clip arts) of your choice from the downloaded presentation, and paste them into your PowerPoint presentation slides. All these silhouette graphics can be used and customized with Shape Styles just like any other PowerPoint shape. You can also paste them into a Word document, an Excel worksheet, or any other program.
Businessman SilhouettesBusinessman Silhouettes
Businesswoman SilhouettesBusinesswoman Silhouettes

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Animations

Learn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac: Pictures in PowerPoint

Indezine Survey

Mother's Day PowerPoint Templates

Our site is providing you 20% off any PowerPoint template collection (including the Mother’s Day series shown below) -- go to the special landing page on to learn more.
Mother's Day PowerPoint Templates
Mother's Day PowerPoint Templates
Mother's Day PowerPoint Templates
Mother's Day PowerPoint Templates
Mother's Day PowerPoint Templates

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