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Last Updated: March 4th, 2004

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Always informative, well thought out and welcomed reading
- Tom Cmikiewicz, Parksville, Canada

I enjoy reading your newsletter because it keeps me informed on new PowerPoint software, techniques, and plug-ins.
- Judie Hughes, Oakland, United States

Your website is my first point of call whenever I have a PowerPoint problem or query. An invaluable, well laid out and fast loading resource. If a colleague or friend asks if I can recommend a good source of info regarding PowerPoint, this is always the first suggestion.
- Tim Owers, Oxford, UK

Very useful and helpful in our expression and presentation.
- Yassir Birema, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

Thanks, a lot for the freebies (backgrounds and templates), they are a godsend for teachers. Especially in small poor districts with little or no budgets for the "good stuff". I look forward to every issue of the ezine. Keep up the good work.
- Don Sublett, New Castle, United States

Your web site is well laid out and always most informative regarding tips, "how to's", etc., as well as the latest information re templates and program offerings. Well done.
- Ken Corner, New Jersey, United States

I absolutely love Indezine and have "turned on" several other nursing educators to the site. We are very heavy users of PowerPoint.
- Victoria Leavitt, Lakewood, United States

I think this is a great resource for new and experienced users of PowerPoint alike. We're a well established presentation consultancy and design business but still learn lots with every new issue.
- Simon Morton, Oxon, UK

Whenever I want to "punch" up a presentation, I visit indezine.com as my first source of inspiration. Thank you for keeping the site updated, fresh, and relevant to today's business needs.
- Candy Mikler, Florida, United States

I have to say we are so very fortunate to have all this information at our hand. I am an instructor of software and use your site as one of my references. It has a wealth of information and free downloads and links. It is endless what you make available. Thank you for that!!
- Kathy Norton, Edmonton, Canada

Thank you for creating a wonderful site. You getting raving comments for the designs and graphics from my colleagues.
- Lisa Gowdy, Florida, United States

I would like to thank you for unselfishly sharing your knowledge to the public. Ever since I discovered your web site, it has always been my first point of reference - as a source of information as well as inspiration. Great job, and more power!
- Leah Temena, New Jersey, United States

I love the conent and the layout! Thanks for making it easy to use and navigate!
- Mary Allbright, Arkansas, United States

I love your web site and ezine. I have learned so much which has been a help with my PowerPoint use.
- Sandra McNeill, South Dakota, United States

I like your site's specialist nature, in that it doesn't try to cover every piece of application software on the market. People in search of help with their use of PowerPoint can expect to receive relevant inspiration, guidance and encouragement.
- Rich Garratt, New Zealand

I think you site is great. Keep up the good work!
- Rozlyn Wade, Illinois, United States

I am amazed at the quality and frequency of free prizes you offer. I got some of your backgrounds from TechTrax last year and they are GREAT!
- Scott Davis, Santa Ana, United States

I really like your website - and your tips are the best!!
- Holly Rogers, Schaumburg, United States

I am a computer applications teacher in a local high school and use the information on your site to teach my students more about the seemingly simple PowerPoint program. I find that young minds grasp the principles easliy and become very creative in their use. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful methods and creative information that I can use to teach my students.
- Larraine Garner, Mississippi, United States

I am an adult business education teacher. Your site is a great resource for me as well as for my students. Your projects and tutorials let us go "beyond the book".
- Ruby Kowaney, California, United States

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