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by Geetesh Bajaj, September 05, 2017

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In PowerPoint, Fonts Matter

In PowerPoint, Fonts Matter

Observe people creating PowerPoint decks, and you can easily divide them all into two distinct groups, based on their usage of fonts. First are those who never change fonts, and use whatever PowerPoint defaults to. The second group comprises those who change fonts all the time! People in the former group are those who just need to finish creating their slide decks, or those who have strict corporate guidelines that prevent them from changing fonts. Everyone else is part of the second group.

Did you know there are two types of font users as far as PowerPoint presentations go? Learning how they use fonts can be surprising.

Export All Slides to Single Slide PowerPoint Presentations

Export All Slides to Single Slide PowerPoint Presentations

A friend reached out to me a while ago and said “I have a 500-slide presentation, and have been asked to save each slide as a single-slide presentation. Do I really have to do this task, one slide at a time? Do tell me that there is a better answer.”

Want to export a presentation with many slides to single-slide presentations? This is much easier than you could have imagined.

Slide Dimensions in PowerPoint - Size Differences

Slide Dimensions in PowerPoint - Size Differences

Have you ever wanted to use PowerPoint as a graphic program to create posters, web-banner ads, YouTube cover art, etc.? You will then have run into some limitations, especially when you tried to export a PowerPoint slide to a picture with exact size dimensions. In this tutorial, we will explore how a small improvement that Microsoft added in PowerPoint 2013 is providing significant returns.

Find out how an additional decimal digit makes a big difference in setting custom file sizes in different versions of PowerPoint.

Jeopardy-Like PowerPoint Template (25 Questions)

Jeopardy-Like PowerPoint Template (25 Questions)

Want to play a Jeopardy-like game using PowerPoint slides? Yes, this is absolutely doable but making PowerPoint slides with all the interactivity and layouts takes too much work. Fortunately, we have done the work for you. Just download our Jeopardy-like 25 (5x5) question PowerPoint template, replace the placeholders provided for questions, answers, and categories - and you're done! You'll still need a real human being to track scores - and you could soon be playing this amazing game as part of a fun exercise, a training program, or even a quiz show.

Get it Now

This template is entirely Theme aware. Change your Theme colors and fonts - and everything automatically updates. We tested this template in both Windows (2007, 2010, and 2013) and Mac (2008 and 2011) versions of PowerPoint.

Download and play your own Jeopardy-like game for just $9.99

Presenting Quotes

Your audience is made up of visual: by Stephanie Diamond

Prezi for Dummies: by tephanie Diamond

Office 365 or Office 2016?

Office 365 or Office 2016?

By now, most of us who are not living under a rock has heard about Office 365. But we have also heard about Microsoft Office versions for the desktop, such as the ones for Windows and Mac. Are desktop versions the same as Office 365? And even if the answer is yes or no, does it matter because many people can’t even understand all these new terms that Microsoft is talking about.

Explore the differences and similarities between Microsoft Office 365 and desktop versions of Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office for Free?

Microsoft Office for Free?

We all realize that nothing is really free in today’s world, yet we all look for free stuff all the time. Well, maybe we were partially wrong when we said “nothing is free,” because you can get a free, or at least a cheaper copy of PowerPoint and Microsoft Office. When we say Microsoft Office for free or cheap, we do not refer to bootlegged copies, but genuine, original software. Here are some options for you to get a cheaper or free copy of PowerPoint.

Learn how you can get a cheaper or free copy of Microsoft Microsoft.

Learn PowerPoint Online

PowerPoint Online Interface

PowerPoint Online Interface

Although PowerPoint originated as a desktop program, Microsoft has made impressive strides in porting the entire program to function as a web-based program that works inside a browser. This web version of PowerPoint called PowerPoint Online lets you create and edit PowerPoint presentations online, and can be easily accessed on OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud platform. Even better, PowerPoint Online is completely free for anyone to use.

Learn PowerPoint 2016 for Windows

Reordering Sections

Reordering Sections

In PowerPoint, Sections are not just for effective and easy management of your slides, but they can also let you quickly reorder large blocks of adjacent slides. All you got to do is to place all slides you want to reorder within a single Section, and then move that Section.

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On The Road
On The Road / Skyscraper
Hourglass 01
Hourglass 01 / Hourglass
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Brain 01 / Brain
DNA 01 / DNA
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Abstract Gold / Abstract
Grunge Brown
Grunge Brown / Abstract
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Genesis 01 / Miscellaneous
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The Candlestick 01 / Miscellaneous
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