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by Geetesh Bajaj, May 17, 2016

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Impossible to Ignore: Conversation with Carmen Simon
Impossible to Ignore: Conversation with Carmen Simon

Carmen Simon's presentations and workshops help business professionals to use communication and presentation skills to increase revenue, train or motivate others, and overall to stand out from too much sameness in the industry. A published author, Dr. Simon is frequently invited as a keynote speaker at various conferences. In this interview, Carmen talks about her new book, Impossible to Ignore.

Read the conversation here
So Many Slides: Conversation with Robert Befus
Robert Befus

Bob Befus is passionate about helping scientists and clinicians present the results of their research. In the 1980s, he co-founded Spectrum Multi Media Inc. as a full-service presentation graphics company servicing medical and pharmaceutical organizations. In later years, the company name was changed to Research Presentation Strategies (RPS) to reflect its focus on helping customers with high profile regulatory and scientific presentations. RPS developed and manages SlideSource.com, a presentation management tool that lets you organize and share your presentations from one secure online library anytime, anywhere. In this conversation, Bob discusses ways of coping with the challenges of managing many slides.

Read the conversation here
Designing Story Slides in PowerPoint: Learning from Ethos3
Designing Story Slides in PowerPoint: Learning from Ethos3

Designing slides for stories is different than designing a business-report presentation that you need to send to your boss. You may hear from purists who say that all slides must have stories, and to a large extent, I agree with them, Already distinctions between different slide types are getting blurred. To provide an example, it is entirely possible that a chart slide that shows sales figures for the last 25 years also has a story to tell. Yet, the story in the chart slide has an existence that is underlying and abstract. In story slides, the same existence is vibrant and alive. So for this feature, a story slide is something akin to illustrations you see in a children's picture book!

Read more in this case study from Ethos3
SmartDraw Cloud: Conversation with Paul Stannard
Paul Stannard

Paul Stannard is the founder and CEO of SmartDraw Software. A self-taught software developer, Stannard began his career in the PC industry in 1980, founding a software company that developed software for Apple computers. Since that time, he has written more than a dozen published software applications, primarily software designed to help people visualize information. Stannard wrote the first version of SmartDraw and continues to play a key role in developing the company's software products. In this conversation, Paul discusses SmartDraw Cloud.
Read the conversation here
Creating Gigantic PowerPoint Decks: Conversation with Chantal Bossé
Chantal Bossé

Chantal Bossé got hooked on PowerPoint while doing instructional design in the mid-90s. Convinced there was a better way to present, she started CHABOS in 2004 and became a presentations & visual communications expert. She helps entrepreneurs, speakers, and trainers improve their presentations' impact by having a clear message, great visuals, and a memorable delivery, whether in French or English. Chantal has been a speaker at various business events and a few international webinars, she is a presentation coach for the TEDxQuebec event. In this conversation, Chantal talks about the benefits of creating large decks that have subsets suitable for specific audiences.

Read more here
Timelines that are Different - 02
Timelines that are Different - 02

We already looked at a timeline slide that looked a little unconventional in the first post in this series. And now we will explore another timeline slide, from another vendor. This one is not only different in concept and appearance than the first sample we saw - but it is also different than the hundreds of other timeline slides you may have encountered.

Read more here
Learn PowerPoint 2016 for Windows
PowerPoint 2016 for Windows

Fills for Shapes

When you insert shapes within a PowerPoint slide, you will notice that all shapes you insert contain the same fill. Most of the time, the shapes may contain a solid color fill. Similarly, you may insert hundreds of shapes and they all have this same default fill -- have you ever wanted to change this fill to something else? Before we explore changing fills, it is important to understand that the default fill you see for new, inserted shapes is influenced by the Theme applied to your presentation -- all new presentations have a simple Theme applied to them -- this Theme decides the default color or style for the new shape.
Add Solid Fills to Shapes

Whenever a new shape is inserted on a slide in PowerPoint 2016, it is filled by default with a solid color (or something else depending on the Theme your presentation is based on). Other than a solid fill type, PowerPoint 2016 provides several more options that let you fill a shape with a picture, a gradient, a pattern, or a texture -- and we have explored these other fill options in our Fills for Shapes in PowerPoint 2016 tutorial. In this tutorial, we'll show you how you can work with solid color fills.
Add Picture Fills to Shapes

Picture fills may appear convincing or confusing depending upon the type of picture you use for the fill. Do remember that using a detailed or crowded picture as a fill for a small shape will get you no awards for slide design! It is best to use pictures that have one focused object or are subtle in nature for this purpose. Any shape on your slide in PowerPoint 2016 can be provided with a picture fill in the same way as you add or change solid fills or gradient fills.
Advanced Picture Fill Options

There is much more you can do to your picture fill for a shape -- you can play around with the parameters for transparency, tiling, etc. This tutorial covers these advanced options for picture fills in PowerPoint 2016. These extra options can help you if you want your picture fill to stand apart and look out of the ordinary.
Add Gradient Fills to Shapes

Gradient fills are typically blended fills between two or more colors that graduate from one color to another. Although shapes filled with gradients look so incredible, make sure you choose the colors that form the gradient very carefully. PowePoint's basic gradients are all very useable since they just blend a basic color with white or black making the result lighter or darker.
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Add to Circles
Here are a bunch of jigsaw slides that you can use to create your own jigsaw puzzles quickly within your own slides!

This entire kit contains 5 different styles of jigsaw pieces: typical jigsaws, arrows, hearts, ovals, and rounded squares.
Jigsaw Shapes for PowerPointJigsaw Shapes for PowerPoint
Jigsaw Shapes for PowerPointJigsaw Shapes for PowerPoint
Jigsaw Shapes for PowerPoint
Each jigsaw shape is available in three counts: small, medium, and large.
These shapes can be used in any PowerPoint version that is released till date. Detailed instructions on how to use these shapes can be found within the download you buy.

Download and use jigsaw puzzles in your slides.
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