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by Geetesh Bajaj, August 4, 2015

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PowerPoint Infographics: Fortune Teller Origami, Matrix Diagram
PowerPoint Infographics: Fortune Teller Origami, Matrix Diagram

You've all seen matrix diagrams - and these make it possible for you to explain related and dependent concepts. However, we decided to look at the matrix diagram from another perspective and found something similar in a fortune teller origami!

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iSpring Pro's Publish to YouTube: Conversation with Yury Uskov
Yury Uskov

Yury Uskov is the founder and CEO of iSpring Solutions Inc., an international software company focused on providing professional e-Learning authoring tools based in PowerPoint. iSpring products are widely recognized as robust, effective, and extremely easy to use software with an outstanding price/quality ratio. iSpring is headquartered in Alexandria, VA. In this conversation, Yury discusses the new publish to YouTube feature in iSpring Pro 7.1

Read the conversation here
How Do Spreadsheets End Up On Slides
Dave Paradi

I often hear about leaders asking staff members to put a spreadsheet on a slide. I see this in the work I do reviewing slides from participants before my customized corporate workshops. These huge tables of numbers are overwhelming. In my workshops I prepare makeovers of slides and show the participants how the key message of the spreadsheet could be communicated as a visual instead. It is not uncommon that the participant who prepared the slide says that the visual is clearer, but they have to put the whole spreadsheet on the slide because the boss requires it.

Dave Paradi explains more
Learn PowerPoint: Colors
Windows PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials PowerPoint 2011 Tutorials

Color: HSL

We learned about the RGB Color model in a previous tutorial -- and while computers can easily understand the fact that you mix red and green to end up with yellow, that's some strange logic to us humans which we shall never comprehend! For most of us, we understand that mixing yellow and blue makes green. So how can we stay within the RGB color model, which computers understand -- and mix colors more creatively to use a method which we humans can understand? This need for a more creative model gave birth to the HSL (Hue, Saturation, and Luminosity) color model.
Luminosity in HSL

We explored the HSL color model broadly previously - now we will look at Luminosity, one of its three properties. So what is Luminosity? Luminosity is the value that spans from pure black (darkest) to pure white (lightest). Now how does Luminosity influence any color? If we change the Luminosity values to 0 (zero) for a given colors, it does not matter what Hue or Saturation values they have - they will all be black! This reasoning is easy to explain using an analogy. In a very dark room, if you switch off the light you will be left with pitch darkness, and any object of any color will appear black. That's precisely what's happening here too!
Saturation in HSL

Color is a fascinating subject - a subject that evokes enough creativity and pickles the minds of many. If we were to pause looking at color as a creative subject for just a brief amount of time, we would be able to explore it from a different perspective - the perspective of science! This color science will open new avenues for us to understand why colors behave in certain ways. For example, why do some colors look more vibrant than others? What is this quality that makes them shout? And why are some colors so muted - what makes them so understated and well-behaved? Well, the quality of color that makes all this shouting and mellowing happen is called Saturation, and believe it or not - it has everything to do with the color grey. We will learn more about what grey does to colors in this tutorial.

Learn PowerPoint 2003 for Windows: Edit Points
Windows PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials

Edit Points

When you use any of the shapes available in PowerPoint, you are not limited to what their default appearance looks like. You may want to change a rectangle to a rhombus, or even edit a curved or freeform line differently. The good news is that you can do this by using the Edit Points option -- this almost makes PowerPoint a drawing program that provides you the option to play with vertexes (points), handles, etc. -- very similar to what you would do in Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW.
Add or Delete Points (Vertexes)

You have learned what the Edit Points option in PowerPoint is, and how it works. The Points you see and edit give you control over how you want a shape to look appearance-wise. Even then, sometimes you might find it difficult to edit a certain segment (a part of the line between two points) in a shape because there are no points available to manipulate -- or maybe there are far too many points! PowerPoint provides a simple solution for this problem -- you can add and delete points in a shape.
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