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by Geetesh Bajaj, March 31, 2015

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Paper Plane Graphics for PowerPoint

Paper Plane Graphics for PowerPoint

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Paper Planes represent aims, ambitions, goals and targets - and you can use these paper plane graphics in your slides to denote any such achievement. Most of the time, people just use arrows on their slides to highlight a certain area - but you can also use these paper planes instead - and you can also animate them to land right on target - exactly where you want them placed!

Download and use these paper plane graphics on your slides.

Column or Bar Chart?
Longer Axis Labels: Why Bar Charts Are Better Than Column Charts?

So what's the difference between a Column Chart and a Bar Chart? Purists may call them both bar charts and some charting folks may also find many, many differences between them -- but broadly speaking, a bar chart is a column chart that's rotated 90 degrees - and what a difference those 90 degrees make! It's amazing that so much can change with such a small adjustment.

Should you use a Column chart or a Bar chart?
No Sweat Elevator Speech: Conversation with Fred Miller
Fred E. Miller

Fred E. Miller is a speaker, an international coach, and an author. His books, No Sweat Public Speaking! and No Sweat Elevator Speech! are bought internationally, and have rave reviews on Amazon.com. His website, NoSweatPublicSpeaking.com, has over two hundred articles and videos on Public Speaking and Presentation Skills. Fred has been interviewed locally and internationally and has written many articles on and off line. In this conversation, Fred discusses his No Sweat Elevator Speech course.

Read the conversation here
Presentation Skills for Introverts: Conversation with Nancy Ancowitz
Nancy Ancowitz

Nancy Ancowitz is a business communication coach and author of Self-Promotion for Introverts®. She helps clients-introverts and extroverts alike-connect to and communicate their gifts to bring them fully and authentically into the world. Nancy is a thinking partner and stalwart supporter for these clients, who range from CEOs to emerging leaders in the business and creative worlds. They entrust her with helping them prepare for their most important presentations, job interviews, and other business meetings. In this conversation, Nancy discusses about presentation skills for introverts.

Read the conversation here
Learn PowerPoint 2013 for Windows: Indent Markers
PowerPoint 2013 for Windows Tutorials

Tweak Bullets With First Line Indent Marker

You have already learned about the indent markers on the Horizontal Ruler, and how they can influence the bulleted paragraph on your PowerPoint slide. There are three types of Indent Markers you can find on the Horizontal Ruler: the First Line Indent Marker, the Hanging Indent Marker, and the Left Indent Marker. In this tutorial, let us learn how the First Line Indent Marker influences the position of the bullets.
Tweak Bulleted Lists With Hanging Indent Marker

Have you wondered about how your paragraphs get positioned as a bulleted list within PowerPoint? How is the indenting space calculated, and how can you make changes that can alter those spaces? These changes are essentially influenced by three types of Indent Markers. Of the three Indent Markers you can see on the Ruler, the Hanging Indent Marker is used to tweak the position of the paragraph following the bullet.
Tweak Bulleted Paragraphs With Left Indent Marker

You have already explored how you can use the First Line Indent Marker and the Hanging Indent Marker to tweak bulleted paragraphs in PowerPoint 2013. By tweaking, we mean adjusting the spacing before and after the bullet character. The next and last of these indent markers on the Ruler is the Left Indent Marker -- this acts like a lock on the First Line Indent Marker and the Hanging Indent Marker. Funnily enough, it is called the Left Indent Marker even though it is placed at right-most of the three markers!

Learn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac: Sections and Custom Shows
PowerPoint 2011 Tutorials

Viewing Sections

If your presentation has a number of Sections, you may find it little difficult to reorder your Sections by just dragging and dropping. Or you may even find it difficult to see all Sections at the same time. This happens because there may be many slides within each of these Sections. And if you want to drag a slide from one Section to another, you may be at a loss to comprehend what you will end up with. So to counter this problem, you can collapse and expand single and multiple Sections, as explained in this tutorial.
Tips for Custom Shows

Custom Shows can add a completely different dimension to your presentations -- the same slides can be used for multiple Custom Shows and can help you decide what you want to show to any given audience. Creating and using Custom Shows is an advanced use of PowerPoint -- here are some tips that will help you get more from this amazing feature in PowerPoint 2011.
Learn PowerPoint 2010 for Windows: Custom Shows
PowerPoint 2013 for Windows Tutorials

Creating Custom Slide Shows

Custom Slide Shows, as indicated by their name itself, are Slide Shows customized by the user. The purpose of creating a Custom Slide Show is to display only selected slides from your presentation, without deleting the slides you do not want to show. To understand a Custom Slide Show, think of your individual slides as songs -- then a Custom Slide Show is a playlist of those songs! Even better, since this is like a playlist, you do not have to delete the slides that are not used. And there's more -- you can create any number of Custom Slide Shows from a single presentation!

New PowerPoint Templates on Indezine
New PowerPoint Templates on MedicinePPT
New PowerPoint Templates on LegalPPT
New PowerPoint Templates on FreePPTTemplates
New PowerPoint Templates on ChristianPPT
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April Fools' Day

April Fool's Day is a day to have pure fun, and although this is a tradition that predates the era of computing, there's no reason why you cannot celebrate this day using a bunch of resources we have compiled for you!

Visit our April Fool's Day Goodies page to download, explore, and have fun! And remember, it's fun only when others laugh with you.

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