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by Geetesh Bajaj, September 17th 2013

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Sticky Tape for PowerPoint – 01

Sticky Tape for PowerPoint – 01These "sticky tape" graphics are already placed in PowerPoint slides -- just copy them and paste within your slides to create a look that makes a picture, shape, or anything else appear as if it has been stuck on a surface, board, or wall with tape! These ready-made sticky tape segments are already within PowerPoint slides -- and have been provided in 10 colors -- all colors have various transparency variations. All these sticky tape segments can be rotated and resized, as required. Since they are essentially pictures, all types of edits that you can do with pictures work with them too!

Download these sticky tapes, and use them in your slides

Keyboard Sequences: PowerPoint 2013 for Windows

Keyboard Sequences: PowerPoint 2013 for WindowsMany users are familiar with keyboard shortcuts -- yet there are no real shortcuts for tasks users need to perform all the time -- this includes changing PowerPoint's views or even aligning or reordering slide objects. Thankfully, there are many keyboard sequences that work for these tasks. Most sequences entail that you press two buttons -- and then press a third button after a moment. So if the keyboard sequence is listed as Alt+S > H -- then you must press the Alt and S keys together -- let go those two keys and then press the H key.

Explore our listing of keyboard sequences for PowerPoint 2013

PowerPoint's Video Exports: Conversation with Tom Howell

Tom Howell Tom Howell is a PowerPoint designer and the founder of Synapsis Creative, a boutique presentation design agency. Tom started his career as a designer for multiple disciplines, and specialized in PowerPoint 6 years ago and has never looked back. His clients come from an array of different industries, among them are Universal Pictures, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Goldman Sachs Investment Banking and the United Nations. Tom loves the challenges and successes that are achievable in PowerPoint and lives to make presentations stand out for all the right reasons. In this conversation, Tom discusses how much you can achieve with PowerPoint's video export feature.

Read the conversation here

Change The Pace -- Keep Your Audience's Attention

Claudyne Wilder There is a belief floating around out there about presenting that goes something like this: "We've got to be consistent. Act consistent. Look consistent. Talk in the same consistent voice. Show the same slides. This will brand our company." Yes, that will certainly brand your company with your audience. They'll think of you as the company that makes boring presentations. We will talk about the slides another time. Today let's talk about the presenter.

Read more in this guest post by Claudyne Wilder

Learn PowerPoint 2013 for Windows

Align Shapes to Center of Slide
We have already shown you how to align shapes in PowerPoint 2013 -- however for alignment to work, you need to have more than one shape (or any other slide object) selected so that they can align to each other. However, you may want to align just one shape (or even a single group of shapes) to the exact center of your slide. Fortunately, that is easy to achieve, as explained in the following steps.
Distribute Shapes
The placement of the slide objects on your slide can make so much difference. And proper spacing in-between the slide objects plays an important role in making your slides look aesthetic. Although distributing shapes is a simple concept it make a big difference to the symmetry of your slide content. Most of the time, distribution is used along with alignment.

Learn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

Setting Proofing Language for Text
English is spelled and pronounced differently in various parts of the world. For example, color is perfectly valid spelling in the US, but not so in the UK. And PowerPoint works different too depending upon which language settings have been specified -- if your proofing language is set to English (UK), then the spell checker will suggest that the word color needs to be changed to colour. Clearly, the fact that PowerPoint adds red squiggly underlines to properly spelled words can be a nuisance -- but that's something you can rectify. In such situations you first need to have proofing tools installed for all or any of the languages that you need to work within PowerPoint.
Guidelines on Changing Proofing Language for an Entire Presentation
While it is easy to change proofing language for selected text containers, that happens to be a great time waster if you need the language changed across all content in all slides! There are two ways to set the proofing language for your entire presentation -- and you can use any of these approaches. Make sure you have the proofing tools installed for all or any of the languages that you need to work within PowerPoint.
Edit Chart Data
When you insert a chart in PowerPoint 2011, you might notice that Excel pops up with some dummy data for your chart -- you then change the data within the Excel sheet to auto-update the chart within PowerPoint. However, this Excel instance that stores your data has no separate existence -- there's no separate Excel sheet that contains your data. In fact, this Excel sheet is stored within your PowerPoint presentation itself. Now, what do you do when you want to edit the underlying data?

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Map Pins for PowerPoint

Map Pins for PowerPoint

These “map pin” graphics are already placed in PowerPoint slides – just copy them and paste within a slide that already contains a map to create a look that lets you highlight a location on your map! Other than maps, you can also use these map pins like regular push pins so that a picture, shape, or anything else appears as if it has been pushed onto a surface, board, or wall with a pin!

All these map pin graphics can be rotated and resized, as required. Since they are essentially pictures, all types of edits that you can do with pictures work with them too! Some of them already have shadows built-in!

Download and use these map pins in your slides.

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