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by Geetesh Bajaj, July 30th 2013

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Shift Key Fun

Shift Key FunPowerPoint provides several ways to arrange, position, or resize your slide objects – and the way these work can either save you hours of work, or provide you with enough time to waste. In this post, we will explore one such trick –- you first select an object – and then press the Shift key. While keeping the Shift key pressed, you then press the arrow keys (Up, Down, Left, or Right) to make objects resize or reposition.

Explore various Shift key shortcuts

3 More Free and Favorite Handwritten Fonts

3 More Free and Favorite Handwritten FontsAfter last week’s three handwritten fonts, we are back with three more -- yes, we like both the number three and handwritten fonts! These three fonts are all free and so readable, even when you use a smaller text size. Enjoy using these fonts in your slides or anywhere else -- do remember though that some of these fonts will not travel with your slides (not all fonts support embedding) -- so use only if you are presenting your slides on the same computer where these fonts were installed.

Explore our favorite free handwritten fonts - the second set

Learn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

Spell Check
If your slides contain text, and most slides do -- then, there is a chance that some words may be misspelled! Yes, you can do a manual check by proof-reading all your slides one by one. Alternatively, you can run a spell check on the entire presentation, and make corrections based on suggestions provided by PowerPoint. Here's how you can do a spell check in PowerPoint.
More Spelling Options
While you can summon the Spelling dialog box and run a spell check on your entire presentation, there are other ways to run a spell check. Also, there are some best practices that will help you understand how you can proof your text content better. This tutorial contains a collection of these tips and practices so that your spell check experiences can be more intuitive.

Learn PowerPoint 2013 for Windows

Using Flowchart and Connector Shapes Together
Connectors are lines that link different flowchart shapes (or any shapes you place within your Microsoft Office documents). They are different from conventional lines because connectors, as the name implies stay connected to the shapes they are linked from. Move any "connected" shape, and the connectors move and reorient with the shapes automatically -- we will explore this further in this tutorial.
Formatting Connectors within Flowcharts
Once you add multiple connectors that emanate from a Decision shape, you need to help your users decide where they branch their thought or work processes within the flowchart. This is typically done by adding a Yes or No caption to the connectors that output from a Decision shape. So how do you add these captions?
Insert Picture
Pictures show and words tell -- both are important yet seeing is a much more important part of presentations. Presentations, by their very nature are meant to be seen since they are projected, displayed, or broadcast -- all of these are visual media. Speaking is important too, but you can be more effectively heard if your content includes both text and pictures. Adding pictures to your PowerPoint 2013 slide is a great way to add some visual detail.
Using SmartArt for Simple Flowcharts
While you can create flowcharts of all types in Microsoft Office applications quite easily using techniques explained in our Basic Flowcharts in Microsoft Office tutorial, there are ways in which you can create linear, non-branched flowcharts even more easily with just one click! These one-click flowcharts let you convert a bulleted list to a flowchart in an instant using the SmartArt diagramming feature. Before we proceed further, let us tell you that these SmartArt flowcharts are only useful for very simple concepts – they also have several limitations.

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Map Pins for PowerPoint (With Flagged Map Pins)!

Map Pins for PowerPoint (With Flagged Map Pins)

The ZIP file that you will download contains 10 map pin variations, each in 10 colors -- for a total of 100 map pin graphics. Plus you get an extra 205 map pin graphics -- once for each country in the world -- these map pins have the flag of the country placed within the pin! So all put together, you get more than 300 map pin graphics.

These “map pin” graphics are already placed in PowerPoint slides -- just copy them and paste within a slide that already contains a map to create a highlight for a location on your map! Other than maps, you can also use these map pins like regular push pins so that a picture, shape, or anything else appears as if it has been pushed onto a surface, board, or wall with a pin!

Go and get these Map Pins for PowerPoint graphics.

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Visio Stencils in PowerPoint
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